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sharpy January 10, 2023

Unless you're a large proprietary company (revenue >$50million) you are by definition a small business according to ASIC. I get that using the term 'little' rather than small may seem like a dig, but it also feels like you're taking it a bit personally

sharpy January 10, 2023

Genuinely curious as to who 'those children' are. Any teachers happy to enlighten me?

sharpy October 9, 2022 they were not separated. He went on the cruise with his brothers and Dad, the wife was at home looking after the farm and kids and having cancer treatment. There have been several articles discussing the fact that many men leave their wives when they get cancer, including on Mamamia.

sharpy December 15, 2021

Here he is, trying to resurrect his image, and then he goes and makes comments like this about his practically saintly ex-wife. Still garbage. 

sharpy October 3, 2021

It's probably just a personality thing. If you'd met your husband and his brother when they were children, you'd probably find they were the same then. He was probably a quiet, more introverted child. Was there anything before you had a child to make you believe he would be an outgoing, extroverted, 'fun' Dad? If not, leave him alone. You can provide the fun. 

sharpy August 7, 2021

Gastric sleeve might be the best option. No-one does bands anymore - too many complications

sharpy February 25, 2021

'If one good thing has come out of 2021 so far, it's that we - the activist, tech generation - have cancelled them. And oh boy, it's made a bunch of millennials really angry.'

Uhhh we're not really angry, we just don't care what you think of skinny jeans, or whether you think you've 'cancelled them' (seriously? lol). Wear your ugly, baggy jeans. We don't care about that either. How about we all just wear whatever we want?