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laneamanda6845 September 13, 2021

The inequality of the sydney lockdowns have been at best laughable and at worst discriminatory and potentially racist. 

So, no, besides the masks whilst outside of your home rule, it is possible that no one at Bondi on Saturday was breaking ‘their’ restrictions. It is the fact that there is ‘their restrictions’ and ‘others restrictions’ that is the issue!!
Surely it doesn’t take an ethics degree to see this 🤯🤯

laneamanda6845 August 19, 2021

Living through a global pandemic is uncertain for everyone, whether they are parents or not!! Well, those that are paying attention anyway!

I don’t believe the authorities are keeping anything from us, no one knows when this will end, or if or how!!
So, for most of us, crying in the shower it is!!!

laneamanda6845 July 24, 2021

We, a group of HCW’s, we’re discussing the care of mental health conditions just recently. Imagine if their was emergency triage for mental health like there is for physical health. Resus, monitored bays, cubicles and fast track….that is the ED for physical illnesses and injuries.

IMHO we are miles away from anything like this standard of care for mental health issues.

laneamanda6845 June 17, 2021

Putting our health and well-being at constant risk is certainly not only experienced by obstetrics. 

Poor hydration, missed meal breaks and rarely getting off on time, constantly feeling like providing high standard care is going to kill you either physically, psychologically or perhaps both.
The dream job!!

laneamanda6845 June 10, 2021

As an anaesthetic nurse I am always surprised (and a bit concerned) at how unprepared women (and their partners) are when they find themselves having an emergency caesarean. With all the classes, appointments and the internet I think that some information should be given and knowledge gained about the emergency luscs as a very real possibility when having a baby!!

laneamanda6845 March 19, 2021

I hear stories like these all the time. Over my many years as a single adult female, all I keep thinking is, ‘why would anyone stay in a relationship like this?’. I get that society trains us to believe that being a part of a couple, marriage +\- kids is what we must find and maintain at all costs, to be seen as a valuable member of society. But, at what price? For the individual and the children (and pets) involved. How can someone ‘love’ an individual that adds so little to their life?

laneamanda6845 March 12, 2021

@leah you really think that this is worse than anything that is said to adult women who openly own not wanting children???? LOL, that is hilarious 🤣 

I have been told 100’s of times that I am selfish, in denial and somehow defective for being so adamant that I do not want to reproduce. 
Let alone the responses I get when I question whether all the people who are continuing to reproduce are aware of the world we are living in, or whether they watch the news, at all!!!
Vicious is the only word.

laneamanda6845 March 12, 2021

I knew I wanted to be child free from pre-puberty. So when puberty and menstruation hit and was painful and causing a lot of sick days, I asked for a hysterectomy as it seemed stupid to live this 22-26 day cycle ad nauseam until menopause for no reason. I was assured by my gp that I would change my mind!!!

laneamanda6845 July 30, 2020

Members of the community not doing the right thing is certainly concerning.

Our hospitals, besides a short panicked period back in April, have exposed all the staff and patients to an un-necessary level of risk by careless and negligent management.
The state government, dhhs and our hospital administrators are doing less to keep the hcw’s and the community safe than the shopping centres are and it is about time the general population knows it, and help us try to make them do the right thing. Or perhaps it is already too late.
We are terrified and stressed. Help!