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laneamanda6845 December 11, 2022

@pippa the queen mother, Shakespeare and Dr Phil………..omg!!!! Are these the best quotes you could source to support the idea that Harry and Meghan should just have no right to say and do whatever they please. 

If anything they say is defamatory then let ‘the firm’ sue them!!! I bet they won’t, because it is all true!!

laneamanda6845 December 11, 2022


Andrew Morton giving his opinion (the relationship between the ‘firm’ and the media is normal) is similar/the exact same as a white upper/middle class male saying that racial, class and gender (in)equality is not an issue 🤯🤯🤯🤯

laneamanda6845 November 24, 2022

thank you Shannon. so beautifully written. such perspective at such a young age. 

you are so right, not everyone who goes down the bariatric surgery road is wanting to end up a size 10. but to move with less pain, to sit in chairs with arms, to buy clothes (at least occasionally) at normal size stores, those are real life goals. and we should all be willing to support that - good luck young lady good luck 🥰

laneamanda6845 June 9, 2022

I spent years thinking this. 

I now believe that there is every chance that you are enough, you can just choose to love yourself and your life and that the idea that we are all supposed to ‘couple up’ is a social and financial construct that we have somehow turned into this everlasting love thing!!! Just a thought 💭 

laneamanda6845 February 21, 2022

Taking on more of the parenting role is an honour and a privilege that many do not get the chance to do (either because they lost their parent early or choose not to make the effort), so concentrating on the positives helps. 

It would be really nice though if employers (even supposedly caring professions🤯🤯👩‍⚕️) could at least pretend to support their staff in this caring role as they do, mostly, with those who have children!!!

laneamanda6845 February 3, 2022

@laura__palmer any school with any religious affiliation will have some version of these rules whether they are in black and white or not. And they all receive public funding. 

The only difference is that, for whatever reason (stupidity or feeling of invincibility based upon federal support by way of ‘religious freedoms’) this school happened to put their views and rules in writing!!

laneamanda6845 February 3, 2022

@azzuri because they all are!! It just so happens that this specific school and their religious organisations’ ‘declaration of faith’ has been open enough (or stupid enough) to put their hateful and discriminatory behaviours into written text. Any school affiliated with any religion will have some level of this happening whether it is in writing or not!! And……they all receive public funding. Independent school, my arse!!!

laneamanda6845 February 3, 2022

@jasc.cunningham not so ‘astounding’!!! Their bible, (historic writings from the time before Jesus and from his birth until his death along with random predictions of the future, highly edited and translated thousands of times usually to ensure that men remain in power) that is not written by god or his son (should either of them really exist) makes these claims. All they are doing is using these words to marginalise those who they do not think belong!!!

laneamanda6845 February 3, 2022

Disagree with this quote “while I understand the importance of religion and appreciate it, I also understand how it can have extremely outdated views that …” Religion has no importance and should never ‘be appreciated’. Religious views are based upon historic ‘texts’ that have been edited to keep those in power powerful. The rules quoted from these texts are cherry picked to serve specific purposes. These texts are ‘not the word or god’ they are fantasy fiction used to maintain power.

laneamanda6845 February 3, 2022

@anonymous unfortunately often times this cannot be left up to the parents as they themselves have probably been brainwashed to believe all this hateful discriminatory bs!! 

laneamanda6845 February 3, 2022

@mamamia-user-482898552 yes they are private companies but what to you think the 5 or 6 number procedure code is for????? It is the data required for the private business to send to Medicare to receive the public funding for that procedure!!

laneamanda6845 February 3, 2022

A healthy mum and baby are the most important things. 

It is all dependent upon the staff, the clinical load (there is no way of knowing or planning for a birth suite with 1 in labour or 12 in labour) as the staffing is set in advance. 
Many will pay the big bucks to the money making machine of the private system as they value private rooms and carpet on the floor (what is actually soaked into that btw!!!) and wine with dinner!!!
Everyone essentially gets to choose. That is why opinion pieces like this are so important.

laneamanda6845 January 29, 2022

All of this is so true. 

I have been through 3 lots of bariatric surgery and multiple surgeries for the complications and I still find myself size 16-18 in Australia.
The crazy thing is that size 16 is the average size of an Australian adult woman so not catering to that is mental.
There is a reason that the sales racks are full of size 6, 8 and 10 and small!!!!

laneamanda6845 January 14, 2022

And do not even talk about the private hospital networks. Some have helped with urgent public surgeries but many have continued to do their own private non urgent patients and say they have no space to help out the public hospitals. Everyone needs to remember that private hospitals receive government funding (through Medicare) just like public hospitals do, so they should have been forced (if necessary) to become an equal part of the health care team during this pandemic.

laneamanda6845 January 14, 2022

Everyone from the hospital administrators, through the health departments and into state and federal governments are presenting an image, providing data and playing a shell game to ensure the community see only what they want them to see.

When it comes to the well-being and safety of hcw’s it has always (since the beginning of this pandemic) been about ‘being seen to be doing the right thing’. Protocols based upon, supply of ppe rather than best practice. They pretty much got away with it too. But what a gamble? With hcw’s lives, patient lives and their families and friends. 
Everything within the public hospital system has been based on ensuring that they can show a list of ticked boxes if and when a bunch of hcw’s or patients become positive and attempt to hold the hospital liable. 

laneamanda6845 January 14, 2022

@mb1111 I read this piece as an opinion piece from a frontline hcw. The references to our prime minister are focused on his actual words at press conferences. Anyone with half a brain knows that the information spewed by our leaders is provided to them from health department workers and hospital administrators that are all ‘playing the game’ of keeping the community from panicking and pretending that they are ‘doing their jobs’ and meeting their kpi’s and keeping their employees and customers safe. It is all just perception, an image and a bit of a shell game.

What is really occurring will never be told to ‘the masses’, because if it was, it would mean much worse than a lost election!!!!

laneamanda6845 January 14, 2022

@mumma-cat I believe that ‘third world countries’ as you refer to them would probably deal with this situation better than Australia has. We pride ourselves on being so many good things, but essentially we seem to be none of them!!

laneamanda6845 December 23, 2021

@snorks I was, quite clearly, talking about an urban area. Neighbouring suburbs essentially all a part of the greater Sydney metropolitan area.

So, no, I don’t believe that restrictions need to be country wide! To give a WA analogy, if there were cases and community transmission in the suburb or Morley, would you assume that those who live in that suburb also work in that suburb and only lock down that suburb? In Sydney there were lockdown rules where one side of the road was ‘open for business’ while the other side of the road was not!

laneamanda6845 December 12, 2021

@anonymous depression and anxiety are caused by a chemical imbalance in a persons brain. In most cases this imbalance happens when a stressful experience occurs. If this experience is repeated and/or continues for an extended period of time the brain learns that this chemical imbalance is ‘normal’. Because of this, even if the stressful experience ends the brain will continue to maintain the imbalance as it now believes that this is ‘balanced’!

How mindfulness, meditation, reviewing and discussing and dissecting the stressful experience(s) et al can teach the brain to alter what it now believes is the normal chemical balance is beyond me.
The major issue with the medication process is that there are unfortunately so many side effects with these drugs so the companies fear complaints +/- litigation and make the maximum recommend dose barely therapeutic. For most depression medications therapeutic levels are double, triple or more the maximum recommended dose. This obviously requires side effect management and care and oversight by ‘a mental health professional’ who understands and is skilled in the area of physiological management of these illnesses. 
Unlike most medication treatments, these regimens require a patient to take the highest dose they can tolerate rather than the minimum therapeutic dose. This is the other part of psychiatric medication management that differs greatly from other medical specialties.
And finally, I you have experience multiple episodes of acute major depression and/or anxiety and are still planning of coming off all medication one day, then you are listening to the wrong advice or seeing the wrong ‘mental health professional’!!

laneamanda6845 December 12, 2021

@anonymous I may be late to this conversation, but I feel the need to wholeheartedly condemn your comments here. 

To broadly proclaim yourself to be a ‘mental health professional’ is firstly not a clear definition of your qualifications or role. This is particularly troublesome when you claim this ‘professional’ role and then make such damning and dangerous statements. 
Secondly, you have quite obviously never personally experienced depression or anxiety and for whatever reason (perhaps some genetic predisposition) you are completely incapable of empathy or compassion. Therefore, I think it would be better for all concerned if you kept your ‘mental health professional’ views to yourself!!!