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becstar May 21, 2023

But this is how some women look post partum. I am 14 years her senior and I managed the same outcome from my post partum journey. Now I’m not profiting off other women’s health or selling anything, rather I’m just investing my time and efforts in a way that’s important to me. I’m not here to laud other way or say anything about anyone else’s post partum body or journey. All I’m saying is that one person’s experience or outcome isn’t a reflection of anyone else’s. 

becstar February 5, 2023

Thank you for sharing, I think we all need to show more kindness and tolerance to one another. I’m particular, we need to change the entire system and the way we support children with additional needs, from early childhood education, through to the workplace. It starts with awareness and empathy so thank you for your words. ❤️

becstar December 28, 2022

I think it’s great to be so self reflective, but if men are behaving in a certain way which triggers behaviour in you, I’d hazard a guess it’s not your fault, or you being self sabotaging. If I’d only had the wisdom in my twenties to tell myself, kindly that it’s mostly not you, and for the most part it’s situational and times of life that prevent a relationship from being more than what’s intended. Of course there is a lot of toxic male behaviour, and yes some female behaviour too, but too much self reflecting can in itself be harmful too. I think just accepting situations and timing as they are, is probably the best advice I’d give anyone in this time of their life. And enjoy it. It’s the best years of your life. And one day, in the not too distant future, you’ll look back fondly on those inconsequential relationships and thank them for their time, heartache and lessons. ❤️

becstar September 23, 2022

So poignant. Thank you. It gives words to a space that so often, I’ve not had the words for. Infertility and miscarriage is so hard. So much love. Thank you for your words and vulnerability x

becstar September 22, 2022

I get all of the hyperbole, but women who don’t get married and are still in a de facto relationship with a shit man are still equally oppressed. Marriage means shit when it comes to violence against women.

Violence against women doesn’t discriminate about marriage. It’s men’s shit behaviour. Let’s focus on the real issues, not a minor problem like are you married or not. 

becstar July 6, 2022

So true, ❤️

becstar April 26, 2022

Whilst I think everyone deserves flexibility in their role, I think the author here has clearly missed the point. I too have been this persona. Until you have children, you’ve got no idea. I’m not denying childless people access to leave early for whatever reason, but it’s not on the same playing field. I just wish we could move beyond these binaries of women versus women and maybe focus on equality for all in the workplace, what we need they may have. 

becstar December 14, 2021

As much as I agree with all the salient points you raise, and the reflection back on the series, I think we’re expecting too much from a tv show, already awash with forced ‘wokeness’ in an attempt to modernise itself. Where it draws power is from female friendships transcending all. I’m just excited to watch it for what it is, entertainment. Maybe leave the politicising to more important issues.