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dp September 15, 2021

@hopey my thoughts exactly 

dp September 7, 2021

@rush all questions I thought of too. 3 nights is a long time for anyone to be out in the bush, let along a small child. I really hope there was nothing sinister behind it and it was a genuine case of him being lost in the bush.

dp August 27, 2021

Does anyone on this list have young kids and work? Sleeping in? Meeting friends at the park for exercise? Daily uninterrupted exercise zoom sessions as soon as you wake up? Ha. I wish.

dp August 23, 2021

@cat yes! I’ve often thought about them too. It’s such a unique and special time in your life that you never get back, and shape you for years to come. 

dp August 5, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 it’s the hyper curation that kills it. It seems they both mean well, but just miss the mark almost every time.

dp August 4, 2021

I can’t believe not bathing your kids every  day is a thing. They go to school or daycare or play sport and all the rest - why would you want to bring all those germs to bed?

We’ve skipped a bath a handful of times and only if we’ve had a late night function, I always make sure to wash the sheets the next day.
I’m no germaphobe but this is a hard no from me. 

dp July 31, 2021

I’m also 40 and my friends have also mostly dropped away.

I spent my 20s and early 30s in the city with great friends. Then I moved back to where I grew up in regional Australia when I had my daughter and I miss them. They are only 1.5 hrs away but we now all have little kids and work and have moved to different suburbs so it’s hard.
I’ve made a lot of acquaintances locally but have to admit it’s hard to build actually friendships when time is so scarce. 
I really miss my friendships. Does it get better? Is it just the phase of life I’m in? 

dp July 9, 2021

@mamamia-user-43186868 exactly. And the privilege continues as everyone involved - and the media - sweep it under the rug. 

dp July 4, 2021

@miss d I’m curious -what are you studying?

dp June 26, 2021

$800 is small change for the parties shown in this article - they would cost thousands. 

I threw an (almost) $800 party for my daughter recently. It was held at a trampoline centre, I bought a cake, a few balloons and nibbles for the adults. It wasn’t extravagant and not a single photo was shared on social media.
It saved me a lot of man hours which is important as I work for myself, so time is money. And my house isn’t big enough to entertain her friends and cousins inc their parents indoors on a cold winters day.
The kids absolutely loved it. No regrets here. 

dp June 15, 2021

Hmm. No matter how you spin this, it's pretty bad. The most recent examples were only a few years ago and it's hard to believe that she went so long behaving this way. 

True that everyone is more than their mistakes, but these mistakes reveal her to pretty awful - and at complete odds to the person she portrays on social media. It's a no from me. 

dp June 8, 2021

This is inhumane. It seems the government wants to make an example of them to deter illegal immigration- but it’s been years! You cannot keep people locked up in these conditions and in limbo. What can we do as individuals to help??

dp May 13, 2021

I'm really pleased to see balanced reporting from a site that is owned by a Jewish family - well-done Mamamia.

I've been to Jerusalem and it's quite sobering to see how such a small, historic city means so much to three major regions while also being the cause of so much conflict. I feel the conflict is one of the most complex in the world right now and I don't know what the answer is or how this will ever get be resolved. 

dp May 13, 2021

They (Courtney) also shared a series of other disturbing comments she tweeted about other celebs as recently as 2018. All equally as disturbing.

There's a definite nasty streak inside her. Even if she feels she has changed since then - it's changing from a very disturbing mindset. Can't look at her the same way. 

dp May 13, 2021

I like these two - they like the attention, though they have a sense of humour and aren't afraid to show the messy bits. The comment on curation is interesting though, as their accounts are also clearly created, just with a different to persona to the more polished parent influencers. 

dp May 9, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 I’m sorry you’ve been told this so many times - I can’t imagine why anyone would say this to a child free woman.

But the love really is like no other. That’s not to say you can’t be happy without it or are incomplete without being a parent - which is not at all true - it just is.

dp April 28, 2021

I knew he was religious and conservative, but seeing this so closely intertwined with his views and the way he runs the country is scary. 

I don’t think all of what he said is that bad, but the fact it’s driven by his belief in things like ‘the evil one’ is a big red flag. How can he make decision based on reason and facts as a PM?

dp April 26, 2021

I can't help but think this article will fuel the private vs public debate and not help women who are trying to decide. Each pregnancy is different, each person is different, and each hospital (public or private) is different. 

Studies repeatedly show that consistency of care is the most important consideration. So my one tip to those trying to decide, whether it's private or public, is to try and see that one person throughout your pregnancy and birth. And good luck :)

dp April 25, 2021

@daijobou 100% this. I spent a good 12 years between uni and kids making good money, travelling, a few of them single with so much freedom - no wonder motherhood was a shock to the system! 

I think about this a lot now with my kids, that as much as I want them to be comfortable, they also need to experience boredom/ disappointment/ failing to understand that happy all the time isn’t the way it goes. And these things will make them stronger in the process.

dp April 15, 2021

@feast I find this hard to believe too. Given it's on the opposite side of the body, a completely different colour, weight, and then there's the safety. She does sound genuinely distressed afterwards thought, so it's confusing. 

But regardless - I can't see this kind of panic and reaction happen if it were someone white. There seemed to be a lot of drama for someone who was pulled on the side of the road and no real direct threat to anyone.