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dp September 10, 2022

@janehas well, they kind of are asking her to do that with the upcoming national public holiday…

dp June 9, 2022

My sister had weight loss surgery and I noted that it’s not the easy way out by any means - at least, not in her case and it still took quite some time. She also wanted to have children, and she couldn’t carry a baby at her previous weight.

I think that even if you accept your body at any size, there are some sizes that present a health risk or prevent you from doing certain things and if you need weight loss surgery to manage that, then so be it.

dp March 28, 2022

@daijobou I think you’re right - which I feel makes it worse because it was really about him, not her.

dp March 28, 2022

The joke was in poor taste but sadly that’s been overshadowed by the violent reaction. 

Will’s response was terrible - not only the slap, but then the yelling out in anger about his wife’s name. Then justifying violence in the name of love - it’s just wrong. 
Also, His initial response to laugh, so what on earth was that about?

dp February 14, 2022

@anon- exactly!

dp February 10, 2022

@rush I feel the same about her. Am also starting to admire her persistence.

dp February 3, 2022

Curious to see how it works. And also - would love to know how an HR generalist was given the gig  of launching Bumble into a new market. It’s a massive leap, so how did she sell it? 

dp January 31, 2022

@thunder it’s true, two wrongs don’t make a right.

But even putting that aside - I still don’t think she did anything wrong. I watched the whole video and the still images make it look far worse. There’s also several examples where he shown to be tone deaf at best and turning a blind eye at worst when it comes to women and sexual assault. She stayed true to her values refusing to smile for a photo opp - which I think takes guts.

dp January 26, 2022

@olga plain rude like the PM who openly turns his back and plays with his phone while women speak in parliament? The PM who refused to shake Bill shortens hand in the last election campaign? The PM who turned his head away from a distraught bushfire victim when he didn’t like the question being asked?

dp January 26, 2022

@shauna020473 100% this! He - and others like him - do this kind of thing all the time and nothing happens. But a young female dies it, and cue outrage.

I think there’s a lot of internalised misogyny at play.

dp November 12, 2021

I agree, seeing what 56 looks like is refreshing and I wish we saw more of it so we could normalise ageing.

I wonder, though, if the same can be said for the SJP we will see in the film. From memory, her face was so digitally altered in a movie she had stared in a few years back - she almost unrecognisable. 

dp September 22, 2021

Judging by my walks around my suburb and nearby beaches, lots of kids have been spending time with their ‘friend bubbles’ this whole time…

dp September 15, 2021

@hopey my thoughts exactly 

dp September 7, 2021

@rush all questions I thought of too. 3 nights is a long time for anyone to be out in the bush, let along a small child. I really hope there was nothing sinister behind it and it was a genuine case of him being lost in the bush.

dp August 27, 2021

Does anyone on this list have young kids and work? Sleeping in? Meeting friends at the park for exercise? Daily uninterrupted exercise zoom sessions as soon as you wake up? Ha. I wish.

dp August 23, 2021

@cat yes! I’ve often thought about them too. It’s such a unique and special time in your life that you never get back, and shape you for years to come. 

dp August 5, 2021

@mamamia-user-482898552 it’s the hyper curation that kills it. It seems they both mean well, but just miss the mark almost every time.

dp August 4, 2021

I can’t believe not bathing your kids every  day is a thing. They go to school or daycare or play sport and all the rest - why would you want to bring all those germs to bed?

We’ve skipped a bath a handful of times and only if we’ve had a late night function, I always make sure to wash the sheets the next day.
I’m no germaphobe but this is a hard no from me. 

dp July 31, 2021

I’m also 40 and my friends have also mostly dropped away.

I spent my 20s and early 30s in the city with great friends. Then I moved back to where I grew up in regional Australia when I had my daughter and I miss them. They are only 1.5 hrs away but we now all have little kids and work and have moved to different suburbs so it’s hard.
I’ve made a lot of acquaintances locally but have to admit it’s hard to build actually friendships when time is so scarce. 
I really miss my friendships. Does it get better? Is it just the phase of life I’m in? 

dp July 9, 2021

@mamamia-user-43186868 exactly. And the privilege continues as everyone involved - and the media - sweep it under the rug.