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sammi978 July 29, 2020

Can I ask why you felt the need to add the word "real" to the headline? Is a post baby body only real if the mother's body bares stretch marks? As a mother of 2 I am someone who was back in my pre baby clothes the next day. Does this make me proud? No. But I also can't feel guilty for it or not "real". Media empower women by stating big is beautiful, real women have curves. Small is beautiful, I don't have curves, but, still very much a real woman! And my real post baby body was a flat stomach and no stretch marks, but apparently you can only be seen as giving birth if your body bares stretch marks.

Samantha Simpson May 17, 2017

Ummm.... yes. How is this even a question?

Samantha Simpson December 14, 2016

Absolutely heartbreaking to think she could not seek help and saw this as her only way out! Her poor family. xx

Samantha Simpson November 13, 2016

"Sharenting"... Worst term ever!

Samantha Simpson October 13, 2016

I am so sick of this "real" woman bullshit! While you attempt to empower woman who are overweight and borderline obese you do nothing but offend naturally thin women or women who look after themselves by eating healthy and exercising. I myself have had 2 children, have naturally been a size 6 my whole life and do not bear any stretch marks. How does this make me not a "real" woman? I carried my children, gave birth to them naturally and breastfed for 9 and 12 months respectively.
I used to work at Jenny Craig and constantly had the slogan "real woman, real curves" in my face. Because I naturally have no curves, why do you have the right to say I am not a real woman?
Rant over!