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yaladylawya December 10, 2023

My neighbours, a lovely couple married for 50 years now, count their true friends as the people who told the wife that they'd heard the husband was cheating.  He wasn't, it was a case of mistaken identity, or rather, another fellow who was claiming to hold the job the husband actually did while seeing multiple women.  When everything was straightened out, both husband and wife felt closest to those who'd had the strength to say something and they tell this story as a cautionary tale!

yaladylawya July 4, 2023

Thankyou for this, I am saving and following!

yaladylawya February 28, 2023

Beautiful looks for tall people!  At 5'0", I look like a Victorian orphan in oversized jackets, and even more-so with wide-leg pants.

yaladylawya November 17, 2022

You look fantastic (I really love the pops of bright colour!).

I don't agree with people dictating what others wear (no, not even if you're The Bride and It's Your Day), but the idea that wedding dress codes must be followed seems pretty intractable right now.  Even then,  you obviously wore what was absolutely right for the occasion.

F*** the patriarchy, especially when  internalised by people who feel the need police women's bodies and clothing.  

yaladylawya August 29, 2022

Love this!

yaladylawya August 29, 2022

It's "new corporate"!  Agree, not on point for very conservative workplaces like most law firms, but times they are a'changing even there.

yaladylawya April 28, 2022

For anyone reading this, please get some advice before you "pop Pty Ltd at the end" of your business name.  "Pty Ltd" has a specific meaning and relates to an incorporated company.   You should be set up that way to use it.