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mamamia-user-680043716 October 6, 2021

@twodogs how sad a life you must lead then. What a bizarre and stupid comment to make. When someone gets nervous, I empathise with them, support them and see how I can assist, not feel sorry for myself like you. Grow up.

mamamia-user-680043716 October 6, 2021

I hear you Gemma, and whilst I do not live in NSW nor am I in some of the minority groups this man hates, I am also nervous, concerned and upset for our world where those that hate are elected to rule on our behalf (but history shows, not to represent us unfortunately). Good luck NSW 😞 

mamamia-user-680043716 September 5, 2021

Ex teacher here. Teachers should be handling with care EVERY day, not just because someone at home cares enough to send this. Indeed, its the ones without someone at home to send this that need it *even more*. Not a genius idea at all sadly, a bit like a DVO being required to tell someone they shouldn't commit Domestic Violence and sad that this is normalising this. Far more important to empower your own students with a non confrontational system to ask for more help themselves when needed - its a skill that many adults are really bad with (seeking psychiatric help is extremely hard for many adults, sometimes until it is too late), so helping our young people learn and flex this skill is ultimately more helpful than someone at home texting they need help in my experience of working with some extremely troubled kids in various settings.

mamamia-user-680043716 August 28, 2021

@rush Miscarriage is handled extremely poorly in Australia, both emotionally and medically. Many times (I have had 16 miscarriages and 1 termination for medical reasons), I have been put in a shared ward room with women giving birth to their take home babies as I miscarried. I have always (in 3 different hospitals) been put on the same ward as women in active labour with their take home babies, as I lose mine with nothing to take home, in the room next door to me. I was in exactly the same room when I eventually had my take home baby as when I lost my 5th baby. Medically, I have been almost forced into courses of action that I have not wanted, due to lack of medical care - care being the important word here - as staff cannot be bother to scan me, or there is inadequate resources (old scanning machines, in capital city center hospitals), and therefore have only avoided unnecessary invasive procedures (a d&c) due to being absolutely resolute about what I want and don't want having gone through it many times.

Whilst we are overwhelmingly lucky with our medical system in Australia in many ways compared to many other countries, the level of care, especially in women centered health from my personal, second hand, and professional experience is extremely lacking. The account here is in no way abnormal or shocking from my experience, sadly, and the author is only lucky to have had a (private I wager) midwife that gave assistance and prepared her for what was to come, as the public system does not. Our society still doesn't want to know - we don't educate our young people in pregnancy loss, and few and far between organisations give pregnancy loss leave - our Government, as an employer, doesn't even register that maternal health appointments are a valid reason to access accrued personal leave (at least the Department of Defence don't).

Nothing in this story shocks me, unfortunately. I am so sorry for every parent that has to go through this, at any stage. It is just sh*t.

mamamia-user-680043716 August 23, 2021

@snorks The problem is, for the vast majority of us, as has been shown with previous Centrelink 'scams' (such as Robodebt), we ARE doing everything correctly - there is a woman above who got a debt who's kids aren't even IN childcare. Its attitudes like this that basically let Centrelink get away with it. What bloody chance do we have of every getting a Government to not rip its people off when we are in fighting as to whether its correct or not. And they don't work with you - you spend 5 hours on hold to be told 'sorry, you need to pay it now, due to your estimated income' (that's on a family income, 2 full time workers with no benefits only CSS, of $120k by no means a life of luxury). Its so sad that you believe in the church of Centrelink, which has over and again shown itself to be not acting with any integrity at all.

mamamia-user-680043716 August 12, 2021

@rush its the short velvet pile of the hanger that grabs the deodorant marks and erases them, a cloth doesn't do the same, it leaves the marks on still unfortunately.

mamamia-user-680043716 August 12, 2021

@fightofyourlife They went into lockdown in May last year, lasting nearly 4 months, or 112 days in a chunk - there was then another lock down later in the year, and then one in Feb this year and they are currently in lockdown again. I think the 193 days is cumulative, rather than in one chunk, but still a lot of days from an 18 month period to spend in lockdown none the less.

mamamia-user-680043716 July 31, 2021

Why the flip is anyone using products with parabens in still anyway? :/ 🤔

mamamia-user-680043716 May 21, 2021

@jez so much this!!!!

mamamia-user-680043716 April 20, 2021

Sad that even here there are comments from women saying 'yes period's are icky and we should be ashamed of them and hide them'. With no concept that they are ashamed of it in their mindset or the message they are promoting to other women. Sigh.

mamamia-user-680043716 February 7, 2021

Try Poo Tube for far more environmentally friendly nappy disposable bags - they go in the nappy bins, and keep the smells in, but aren't jellyfish and world killing plastic, they compost down (even in landfill). And fill them with better for both the world and baby nappies (I seriously have no idea how people live with themselves by putting the chemically filled nappies like huggies and babylove on their children) like Toms or Ecoriginals. 500 years is a disgustingly long time for your baby's nappy to sit in landfill :(

mamamia-user-680043716 October 26, 2020

Let's recap the process without cutesy acronyms or confusion. Person A breaks the law (by being violent towards Person B). As the law clearly doesn't matter to person A, let's give them a piece of paper that *tells* them to not break the law. Yeah, that's a solid system - seems cray cray that it doesn't work right?

Our entire systems are flawed, broken, corrupt and pointless. The more you hear of life, the more you want to just go and live in the middle of a field away from the scum that are humans. People suck, and other people enable them to do so - those that try and prevent the suckiness happening are the ones that find themselves penalised. We are broken, and doing NOTHING to fix it, as those in power to change things vote to protect themselves rather than make lasting, real, change. What a joke this, and other, countries are. Shame no one is laughing.

mamamia-user-680043716 September 28, 2020

I have had too many miscarriages to count now - the thing that upset me the most, in the beginning, was the exact same phrase - the one thing I was 'meant' to be able to do as a woman, I couldn't. But I started talking about it, to everyone I met, it peppered relevant conversations, and every single person I mentioned it to, male or female, responded with their own stories of loss. For many of them, it was the first time they had told anyone other than close family, for some, it was the first time they had told anyone at all. And it healed, both me and them. There is still such stigma and shame over miscarriage - wrongly so - and we need to start telling people we are pregnant before the misogynistic, mythical 12-week mark (which isn't even the time when the miscarriage risk drops significantly, so goodness only knows why its that timeline), and having those conversations about miscarriage so its something we are all very aware of. I knew 1 in 4 women had miscarriages - but I still felt so so alone. Talking helps, letting others know helps, both you and them. Let's talk guys and blow the lid off this taboo

mamamia-user-680043716 August 31, 2020

Don't use laxatives (hard to control the outcome and you can't dash to the loo if you've had a c-section), use prune juice and a footstool whilst on the loo (hospital should have one).

SRC leggings only go up to skinny size, so if you're not a model, try Active Truth or Blanqi brands for leggings - much better customer service, much better product, much cheaper and much better range if you aren't the aforementioned model skinny size.

mamamia-user-680043716 August 13, 2020

I've tried them all, and keep going back to Blinc as its the best I find - I'm super keen to try the HourGlass one though as the Blinc one can be hard to track down (its regularly out of stock seemingly everywhere!) David Jones stock it, but its out of a stock a lot there, or from online retailers.

I was sadly very disappointed by both the Model Co and the Kevin Aucion ones, they clumped lots I found and didn't give me much/any length and/or volume, whereas when I wear Blinc I get so many compliments on my lashes (they look amazing but really real) which I find bizarre, but nice.

KoalaKat May 5, 2020

@Janine82 unfortunately whilst they have raised the amount a partner can earn, there is still a cap on that, but they have gotten rid of the asset test, ie savings and assets in terms of cash at bank etc.

KoalaKat May 5, 2020

So much incorrect information has been given to these 3 ladies -

Katie - you are still eligible for Jobkeeper, even if you have another job, unless you are receiving jobkeeper via that other job - every employee from a business (that is perm or 12 months + casual) *has* to receive it , or no one - having another job is not the criteria (again, unless you are already receiving Jobkeeper through that other job as you can only claim it once).

Lucy - speak to the ATO hotline for this type of thing - it may be your boss has just closed everything down and no-one is getting Jobkeeper (maybe they have had their own mental health issues to deal with over this? who knows), however if they are claiming it for some, they will be able to reinstate you (your boss) - the big issue is companies have to find the money in the first place to pay *all* staff, and can only then claim it back from the Gov - not everyone can afford to do that for all staff so have no option but to make some redundant and not pay them Jobkeeper - bank loans, despite what is being reported, are not guaranteed for any company to bridge the gap for JobKeeper payments and many businesses are having a very hard time trying to find the cash up front.

Carmel - PLEASE report your bosses to Fair Work Australia. They are taking the Michael out of you and it is not your responsibility to pay for equipment to do your job in this instance. You are not privileged to have a job where you are being employed with illegal conditions to be honest (such as working longer hours for less money - JobKeeper is very clear about that), and shouldn't be made to feel like you are.

People PLEASE contact Fair Work Australia and the ATO if you are at all unsure about your rights, there are many bad businesses out there taking advantage - as well as fair few lovely ones really trying hard to help their staff.

hilary March 16, 2020

Malaysia had not enacted a lockdown, they have a movement restriction order in place - the two things are very different. At times like this ACCURATE facts are imperative. Please please improve your reporting.