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mamamia-user-680043716 January 19, 2024

Gosh  - if all their friends were doing meth, would the parents be getting their darlings that too and crumbling to their 'needs'? It's called parenting. How sad that so many can't do it - capitalism has always preyed on all markets it can, and they aren't going to stop, so we have to protect our children through educating them. We all need to take a bit of responsibility and stop wringing our hands over it - we are their parents, not their friends.

mamamia-user-680043716 November 24, 2023

Would have preferred an actual review of each rather than just a listing  - for eg, Body shop have 3 different price point calendars so would be good for this article for you to suggest which is the best of them, depending on what you like. Seems like a half baked article unfortunately  :( 

mamamia-user-680043716 June 3, 2023

@cicchis0 sadly the  science is quite clear  - it is not 'fat' that causes health issues, but the constant loosing weight yoyo merrygo round our society forces on individuals. There are many many peer reviewed studies that show being 'fat' Is not a health risk. 

mamamia-user-680043716 June 1, 2023

@ican'tthinkofone not entirely true  - they are also illegal in Brazil and a lot of US states and isome places in Eurpore there are restrictions on their use. Unfortunate that you think protecting people from themselves is a bad idea.

mamamia-user-680043716 June 1, 2023

Interesting that the person who earns money off nails and UV gadgets thinks there is no harm in them. Almost as if the industry will tell you anything as long as they keep making money :/

Can't believe people are so willfully ignorant over these things (see the other comment!) - you can see why the gov has to ban things when people are queing up to give themselves cancer.

mamamia-user-680043716 April 21, 2023

@AB29 having been on the receiving end of that news many times after our many many many many (20+) losses (itself a privilege, I'm acutely aware not everyone gets to experience pregnancy that would dearly love to)  the fact you are aware it's going to be hard will make it so much easier. Hugs. Very hard for you both, but the compasion and empathy is all I think that removes privilege personally xx good luck!

mamamia-user-680043716 April 21, 2023

@simple simon on the contrary, I know many infertile couples that would welcome such chats, because it's real and vulnerable. The privilege isn't having something someone else doesn't, and complaining about it - it comes from a place of ultimately not appreciating something - you can complain bitterly but still have an underlying appreciation residing there (and gosh knows kids are the hardest!)

mamamia-user-680043716 April 21, 2023

@myopinion I don't know what's more depressing - the fact you totally miss the point or the fact 15 people (at this point) agree with you to upvote your post, also totally missing the point. It's not about others having things that someone doesn't, or not talking about it, it's about *how* it is spoken about.  It's really sad that you can't see that is what privilege is about - basically taunting others with what you may have by acting careless about it, rather than acting with compassion and empathy. Complaining about one's lot is not what privilege is about, it's human. 

mamamia-user-680043716 April 8, 2023

@babble the children are still taught to read and write. It's so frustrating to read silly comments like yours and why our education system continues to fail modern society. 

mamamia-user-680043716 September 17, 2022

Ack, it's certainly c*appy, but there is a club  - I have my 'also lost a child to still birth' club, made up of two of us, super close friends. There is my 'infertility and IVF' club - successful for them, still trying for me - but great to talk to them about it all because it worked for them and my brain thinks they know the secret (just being with them upa my chances, right? Haha - but the friendly chat and support in the meantime is all I need). Migrating here in my 30s meant new friends, so its practised now, but those clubs exist, seek them out (it helps! :) )

mamamia-user-680043716 August 20, 2022

I'd love to know the author of this, as in actually know them in my life, not just nosily what their name is. This is rather me too. The stress and pressure I feel being the entire financial backbone for my family is overwhelming at times, and you feel damned if you do, damned if you don't. Its a pickle, and I know my partner (and presume the author's partner) don't mean to put us in this position, however - it is what it is. People are starving and being blown up in wars - I try to think about it in terms of life could be so much worse and being a DA survivor I know how much worse it can be (my ex meant to put me in a much worse financial position so he had complete control of me).

mamamia-user-680043716 August 19, 2022

@cat apart from the peer reviewed research shows its not helpful for any topic, including suicide. Personal opinions will always be wide ranging, but data points and hard facts are what they are.

mamamia-user-680043716 August 19, 2022

I have a similar pregnancy loss story to the author and agree 100%  The research is clear they do harm, not good, and its tiring enough carrying around the trauma without having to tread on eggshells all the time. Life is crappy sometimes and a trigger warning doesn't change that, it can make you feel even more alone and up the trauma though.

mamamia-user-680043716 August 11, 2022

Sadly what it actually does is normalise this kind of behaviour and continue the cycle. I am always baffled (ND here) as to why women accept this kind of relationship. Woman up and have a conversation about boundaries and wants and needs, stop bitching about it to others. The behaviour towards the artist is unacceptable too obviously (two separate issues here) - social media anonymity makes people feral.

mamamia-user-680043716 July 24, 2022

A lot of good points, but I totally reject that people can't understand unless they've been through it. I have, having had 18 pregnancy losses now. I don't think someone has to have gone through a loss, or a tfmr, to be able to understand how shitty it is. It's rather petty to think people can't empathise. Some can, and those that truly do shouldn't be punished for not having gone through the hell - it rather smacks of misery seeking company to say otherwise. Not everyone can understand and some people are really insensitive, but some can.

mamamia-user-680043716 July 6, 2022

@grumpier monster obviously we'd hate to inconvenience you or for you to have to even think about the nastier side of things like people dying, but its not just the old and sick (that will die anyway so why should we care right?) but it's still young fit and healthy people who die from covid. I literally cannot understand how people like yourself are just so self absorbed and selfish. Wow.

mamamia-user-680043716 June 25, 2022

The only thing that chafes in this article is the importance put on the authors age. Age isn't relevant, you can be 20, 40, 50 and need an abortion.  The impact Roe Vs Wade being overturned will have (not might - will, it already has in some cases) on ectopic pregnancies, IVF and all other fertility related issues. I weep for America and American women  Blessed be the fruit :( 

mamamia-user-680043716 June 25, 2022

@snorks 13 states banned abortion immediately when Roe VS Wade was overturned, automatically. If you don't know what you are talking about, shut up. People like you spouting false news make it so much harder for the women of America. It is now illegal and impossible in 13 states to have an abortion for any reason. You are part of the problem

mamamia-user-680043716 June 19, 2022

Not sure why you are promoting something with shallows nest in - both cruel and disgusting. Can we get someone with better taste perhaps? 

mamamia-user-680043716 May 18, 2022

There is an extremely helpful tool on the ABC website that allows you to order your preferences and save them in a list, ready to take with you to vote. It's great to be able to reference the different parties' stances on things in advance and have it clear who you want to rank where, and super easy to do on your computer at home, before turning up on Saturday and just ranking the boxes quickly and easily. Highly recommend to avoid that dread of voting for the anti-vax, anti-women, anti-nonwhitepeople parties :)