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mamamia-user-680043716 July 24, 2022

A lot of good points, but I totally reject that people can't understand unless they've been through it. I have, having had 18 pregnancy losses now. I don't think someone has to have gone through a loss, or a tfmr, to be able to understand how shitty it is. It's rather petty to think people can't empathise. Some can, and those that truly do shouldn't be punished for not having gone through the hell - it rather smacks of misery seeking company to say otherwise. Not everyone can understand and some people are really insensitive, but some can.

mamamia-user-680043716 July 6, 2022

@grumpier monster obviously we'd hate to inconvenience you or for you to have to even think about the nastier side of things like people dying, but its not just the old and sick (that will die anyway so why should we care right?) but it's still young fit and healthy people who die from covid. I literally cannot understand how people like yourself are just so self absorbed and selfish. Wow.

mamamia-user-680043716 June 25, 2022

The only thing that chafes in this article is the importance put on the authors age. Age isn't relevant, you can be 20, 40, 50 and need an abortion.  The impact Roe Vs Wade being overturned will have (not might - will, it already has in some cases) on ectopic pregnancies, IVF and all other fertility related issues. I weep for America and American women  Blessed be the fruit :( 

mamamia-user-680043716 June 25, 2022

@snorks 13 states banned abortion immediately when Roe VS Wade was overturned, automatically. If you don't know what you are talking about, shut up. People like you spouting false news make it so much harder for the women of America. It is now illegal and impossible in 13 states to have an abortion for any reason. You are part of the problem

mamamia-user-680043716 June 19, 2022

Not sure why you are promoting something with shallows nest in - both cruel and disgusting. Can we get someone with better taste perhaps? 

mamamia-user-680043716 May 18, 2022

There is an extremely helpful tool on the ABC website that allows you to order your preferences and save them in a list, ready to take with you to vote. It's great to be able to reference the different parties' stances on things in advance and have it clear who you want to rank where, and super easy to do on your computer at home, before turning up on Saturday and just ranking the boxes quickly and easily. Highly recommend to avoid that dread of voting for the anti-vax, anti-women, anti-nonwhitepeople parties :)

mamamia-user-680043716 May 18, 2022

@yeahyepyes It's unfortunate that you have no basic understanding of how our society and taxes work. Quick lesson - the more people who have their children in daycare, the more people there are able to work, earn an income and pay income tax. That income tax MORE than pays for the childcare, and a range of other services to society, like medicare. Where does anyone say it's free as in not paid for? They don't, it has been fully costed. When you make statements like this, you make yourself look very foolish, but it's more disappointing that you choose not to educate yourself on the matter and instead be a misinformed keyboard warrior.

mamamia-user-680043716 May 5, 2022

@mb1111 Biden has been quite vocal in criticizing this. I'm not sure why you show your ignorance of the situation by commenting on something you clearly don't understand, with such conviction. I'm not sure what your comments add to the situation either really?

mamamia-user-680043716 May 5, 2022

@mb1111 the vacancies happened whilst Trump was in office, it wasn't that Obama didn't fill them. This is a pretty good website to educate yourself on the matter -

mamamia-user-680043716 April 16, 2022

The IVF question is because we don't talk about getting pregnant, being pregnant, loosing pregnancy, it being hard to get/stay/be pregnant, and it used to be in IVF they would chuck multiples in so that one might stick. Technology is better, but public knowledge has not increased at that rate.

mamamia-user-680043716 March 13, 2022

Sacrificing or settling is what we all have to do as humans. Literally no one 'has it all' and there are only the same 24 hours in everyone's day, which means making choices. For every choice one way, you give up something else. Welcome to adulthood and what the luxury of choice brings.

mamamia-user-680043716 March 4, 2022

Agree with thinking about hormones but copper iud  is not the way to go for birth control unless you want a baby with an iud wire wrapped around a body part. Horrific and useless things.

mamamia-user-680043716 March 2, 2022

Infertility cases are going up globally. It's not rocket science that the slew of chemicals increasing in our everyday lives are a cause. Most modern cosmetics are endocrine blockers. 'It starts with an egg' is a good read. There is little to no legislation keeping us safe from any product. Buyer/user beware!

mamamia-user-680043716 February 22, 2022

@simple simon Unfortunately, whilst a nice tidy answer, its false news. The studies that have been done on this are at best flawed (correlation and causation are not the same thing) and those that have found the conclusion infertility is higher in those with higher Cortisol (marginally) are funded by IVF clinics, which is a very helpful finding for their bank account. There isn't a gold standard study available that proves this, so its conjecture at best.

mamamia-user-680043716 February 22, 2022

This is great we are starting to have this conversation and promoting that its not the IVF-money fueled desperate situation that the industry have pushed . But even here it STILL repeats mis-represented stats. For eg - it talks here about the risk of Downs and how it increased with age. But those figures are based on live births of babies with Downs, not all embryos that have T21 - many many more older mothers will proceed with a T21 pregnancy as they a) feel this is their last chance (in part due to this societal misinformation) b) are in better place financially/personally to be able to cope with a chromosomally different child and c) have more self confidence to say what they actually want when it comes to their baby, rather than being 'pursued' by the fertility/obstetrics community. When abortion was illegal, many many more 21 year olds gave birth to T21 babies than 40 year olds - something they don't tell you!
Age should never ever be a defining feature of your pregnancy story. As pointed out here, there are younger women who go through early menopause in their 20s in some cases (or younger!), there are women in their 40s giving birth with no issues at all. It needs to be looked 100% on a case by case and we desperately need to change the narrative

mamamia-user-680043716 February 15, 2022

@cat you've been sucked in then, we see? They aren't exactly 'young', and she doesn't represent any of those millions of stay at home parents in any way. 

mamamia-user-680043716 February 8, 2022

Why are we giving it a cute name, its just making it worse. Its just straight up incompetence, and shouldn't be stood for. In the example where the male colleagues just kept doing a bad job of birthday celebrations - so what? Eventually they would get bored of moldy cake, and fall into line, and if they don't - does it *really* matter an office birthday isn't worth the time? Or when someone says 'I can't use the photocopier' either respond 'I'm afraid I don't have time' or 'I will teach you now - come.' Treat them like a naughty dog - what are they going to do? Fire you on the spot? Unlikely.

mamamia-user-680043716 January 23, 2022

@marmaduke not a friend. Friends don't say sh*t like that to each other. It's not even important. Urgh, how horrid for you, but hope you are loving the walks  :) 

mamamia-user-680043716 October 6, 2021

@twodogs how sad a life you must lead then. What a bizarre and stupid comment to make. When someone gets nervous, I empathise with them, support them and see how I can assist, not feel sorry for myself like you. Grow up.

mamamia-user-680043716 October 6, 2021

I hear you Gemma, and whilst I do not live in NSW nor am I in some of the minority groups this man hates, I am also nervous, concerned and upset for our world where those that hate are elected to rule on our behalf (but history shows, not to represent us unfortunately). Good luck NSW 😞