You can now hire someone to come and reorganise your pantry for you.

There’s a new kind of naming and shaming happening online, but there’s a twist. This time, mums are sharing pictures of their own pantries, fridges and bedrooms with the aim of outdoing each other when it comes to organisational chaos.

I’m pretty sure I’d take the crown. My current organisational system is called “shove it all in ’cause I’m too damn tired to work out where it goes.”

Inevitably, this means that each and every night I go searching for things; pulling everything out to find what I’m looking for. Because I can’t find what I need, I then go out and buy more. I currently have six bottles of sweet chilli sauce. Wedges, anybody?

If this sounds familiar, I have good news is: there are people out there who can help you (and me).

Yep, there is such a thing as a professional organiser and more and more people are calling on their services to help sort out the mess in their lives. Once reserved only for the rich and famous, professional organisers are now thriving businesses assisting people all over Australia in, well, just getting their shit together.

Before and after (Image: Mise en place)

Mise en Place is a Sydney-based business specialising in organisation, decluttering and property styling.

Anita Birges started the business while she was pregnant with her second child. Following a career in hospitality (she owned a restaurant) Anita fine-tuned her organisational skills in the fast-paced restaurant world. She later moved on to real estate where she discovered that her passions lay in assisting people to declutter and organise their homes ready for sale.

Since its formation, Mise en Place has helped many people get their houses in order and their minds in check.

"I love what I do. All women, I believe, have a superpower and mine is just knowing where things fit without measuring them," Anita tells Mamamia.


It's a fact that a more organised environment lends itself to a more organised mind. People who work at a well-organised desk are more productive, more creative and less stressed.

Recent studies have also found women's stress hormones are affected more than men's when they are living in a cluttered house. Anita believes it goes deeper than that, and she often meets mothers with cluttered houses that are affecting their mental health.

"As mothers, it's often just about getting through the day. It's the same stuff and we end up feeling guilty about playing with our children when we know there is a load of washing to do, or there is cleaning up that needs to happen," she explains.

But getting yourself into a position where everything 'works' is no mean feat — especially in the home when you've likely got, ah, how should I word this? 'Competing priorities', also known as 'kids'.

Image: Mise en place

Companies like Mise en Place were born because people need organisation, and sometimes just don't know where to start. Anita's business offers a range of services from decluttering rooms, creating peaceful spaces for the family to enjoy, and setting up filing systems so that you never have to fight with you husband about who lost the energy bill again.

They can even come in and do a complete overhaul of your entire house before a move so that you start fresh in your new place.

Anita shared with us three of her top tips for getting your house in order.

  1. Have a place for everything. That way it's easy to know where to put everything at the end of the day and make packing away a whole lot easier.
  2. The 'one in one out' rule. Anita says that everyone is different when it comes to their 'stuff' and that we need to accept that. But she says we should use the 'one in and one out' rule when decluttering. "If you buy a new pair of jeans, throw another pair away.
  3. Keep what brings you joy. "It's a concept that's been around for a long time but it works. Keep things that make you happy and throw away things that don't".

As a bonus tip, Anita recommends avoiding buying storage before you've done your declutter.

"So often people say to me, 'Oh, I've bought this for storage, and I bought that', but how do you know what you need until you've cleaned it all out? Do your declutter first and then look at what storage you need".