Shauna Adamson left her $73 makeover looking like "a deformed potato."

There are few comparisons as unappealing as your face to a root vegetable.

“Why darling, your tan makes you the most ravishing shade of carrot.” 

Just ask Shauna Adamson, who left a professional makeup session feeling as though she resembled a potato. Yep. A potato.

The 20-year-old sent social media ablaze after sharing photos of her paid makeover from UK beauty brand Urban Decay, which took place in the hours before her friend’s 21st birthday.

Source: Facebook/Shauna Adamson.

Adamson captioned the post with the now notorious vegetable comparison.

“When you pay 50 euro getting your makeup done by a ‘professional’ in Urban Decay and you come out looking like a badly deformed potato,” she said.

That's roughly $73 in Australian dollars. Ouch.

Adamson told she initially thought she could amend the makeup when she got home.

"I went down and the artist asked me what way I’d like my makeup," she said.

Her direction was "full-coverage, smoky-sparkly eyes", but that's not exactly how it turned out.

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"At the end I looked in the mirror and though I knew it wasn’t the best. I thought I could fix it with a bit more blending when I got home."

As it turned out, lighting made all the difference.

“I didn’t realise how bad the whole thing was until I got home and checked it in natural lighting – that’s when I took the pictures," she said.

“I scrubbed the whole thing off and restarted myself.”

The home-job makeup shots were then posted as a point of comparison.

The 'makeover' on the left and her personal skills on the right. Source: Facebook/Shauna Adamson.

Friends were quick to commend the Adamson's skills and excellent recovery.

Adamson went on to attend her friend's party looking like the belle of the ball, not the pick of the patch.

Have you ever had a makeup job go wrong?

Featured image: Facebook

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