We asked 5 successful women the one productivity tool they can’t function without.

Staying organised at work is easier said than done.  

While some people like to whip out the colourful post-it-notes or scribble in a planner to keep on track of things, others like to use online productivity tools to help plan out their day. 

And in a time where many of us are working from home, these tech tools can be real game changers. 

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So we asked five successful women to share the one productivity tool they can’t live without. 

Here's what they had to say.

Jane Lu, CEO of Showpo.

First up is Jane Lu, the CEO of online fashion empire, Showpo.

For Lu, the one tech tool she can't live without is Google Sheets. 

"I know it sounds super nerdy but it literally does everything. It does all your calcs [calculations], it pulls in images and you can tag people so it's great for delegating," she told Mamamia's podcast, 8 Minutes To Change Your (Work) Life.


Sally Hepworth, Author.

New York Times bestselling author Sally Hepworth certainly knows a thing or to about writing. 

And to help stay organised she uses a writing program called Scrivener.

"I use it to plan out my novel, to be able to edit it and to be able to see the whole thing at a glance," she explained. 

"I don't think I'd be able to do what I do if not for Scrivener."


Mia Freedman, Co-founder and Creative Director of Mamamia. 

Mamamia's very own Mia Freedman has also stumbled upon a game-changing productivity tool. 

"One app that has changed my life in the last few months, is something called Notion... it's kind of like a living, moving to-do list or a central place," she said. 

"One of the biggest problems that I have is that running Mamamia [and] hosting podcasts, I have so many different channels where I communicate. And often when I'm looking for something I just can't find it because I can't remember if someone sent me an email about it or if it's in a Slack channel.


"So with Notion, I have an assistant and she has access to it as well and what it means is that you can make to-do lists and link to other things but it's just all in one place."

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Caroline Brunne, Founder of Organise.Curate.Design.

"As someone who loves to be organised, I can't live without my Google Calendar," says Caroline Brunne. 

"I have sub-calendars for family plans, bills and meals. And I use the reminders feature to keep me on track for to-do list items."


Pip Brett, Founder of Jumbled.

Last up we have Pip Brett, the founder of homewares and lifestyle store, Jumbled.

The one app that's changed Brett's life is Snapseed

"It's a photo editing app and it takes my semi-ok photos and makes them really really special. And then I upload them straight to Instagram or to my Shopify website which I also adore. Those three elements together have totally transformed my business."


Do you use any handy productivity tools? Let us know in the comments below. 

Feature Image: Instagram/Mamamia. 

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