Princess Mary's school run is more stylish than yours.

Princess Mary’s ridin’ high.

What does your morning school run look like? Leggings and a messy ponytail? Booting your kid out of the car on your way to being late for work? Are coffee stains involved?

Whatever your school-gate style is, I am willing to bet Princess Mary of Denmark-by-way-of-Tasmania has the edge.

You see, she rides a vintage bike complete with front seat-contraption in which her adorable twins sit adorably as she gently bumps them over the ancient cobblestones of Copenhagen to kindy, the breeze tousling her shiny, shiny, dark hair.

Beat that!

Oh wait, before you try: Princess Mary does it all in a leather pencil skirt and leopard-print flats.

Well, you know, she does have a title to defend.

She’s watching her back to make sure Kate Middleton’s in second place where she belongs.

For the second year running, she’s been crowned Most Stylish Royal, and you know that Kate Middleton is pissed about it.

The Duchess of Cambridge has really been amping up her post-birth style (this information is based on absolutely nothing), and she’s got an entire wardrobe full of nude heels to go with just about any ensemble.

Want to scope more of Mary’s royal style? Here she is, being princessy AF.

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