Kate has some serious style competition from a new queen.

The new queen of Spain is giving Kate a run for her money in the Europe’s most-stylish royal stakes.

Forget the World Cup. Forget the Olympics. This is the ultimate showdown between England and Spain.

Or more correctly, the ultimate Princess showdown.

In the red corner, we have Kate Middleton, 32 years old. While technically a Duchess, we all think she is a princess. Ever since she strutted her stuff down the catwalk in a nearly-nude frock at a student fashion show, people have talked about Kate’s clothes. And despite a few norm-core inspired off-duty outfits and a naked bottom, Kate has never failed on the fashion front.

And in the blue corner, we have Princess Letizia, 41 years old, from Spain. Who until recently, hasn’t been on our radar, but has since risen with the announcement that she is to become Queen of Spain following the abdication of her father-in-law, King Juan Carlos. According to the Spaniards, Letizia is quite the fashionable princess.

So in completely normal behaviour, the world has created The Princess Showdown.

Both are commoners, however Letizia had a proper job (sorry Kate) as a TV presenter before getting her tiara. Both are brunettes. Letizia scandal list includes a divorce (before marrying her prince) while Kate’s scandal list so far is wearing a thong. Both have a love for High Street brands – which helps to make us feel like we can dress like a Princess.  Letizia had plastic surgery, Kate so far hasn’t (officially). Letizia’s cousin wrote a tell-all book about her, claiming she had an abortion in her first marriage, which almost led Letizia to run from the Princess spotlight.

But the most important similarities is their choice in fashion.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to decide which princess won:

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