A 5yo talks to her dad about Princess Leia's gold bikini.


A long, long time ago.

In a galaxy far, far away.

Princess Leia was enslaved by the evil Jabba the Hutt.


Spoiler: she doesn’t.

To compound the deep indignity, Jabba, an evil intergalactic gangster, dressed the Princess in a gold bikini and chains (chains that she would ultimately use to choke him. She is our favourite self-rescuing princess, after all).

Closer to home and quite recently, a father talked to his five-year-old daughter about the gold bikini and asked her whether it was a demeaning and embarrassing outfit.

Pondering deeply, the daughter replied: “Nah, I think actually think it’s a good look for her…She should escape and keep wearing it”.

The father animated their conversation and it is quite adorable. 1.3M viewers in one day aren’t wrong…