Celebrating the bikini baby bump

by Alana House

I’m struggling to muster outrage about Princess Kate being photographed in a bikini while on holidays with Prince William on the Caribbean isle of Mustique. The only emotion I’m feeling is jealousy.

But St James’s Palace is furious about the shots of the clearly pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, which it says are an intrusion on the couple’s privacy. The words “disappointed”, “grotesque” and “unjustifiable” are being tossed around like confetti. 

Sure, it was beyond the pale when her bare royal mammaries were splashed all over magazine covers. That was pretty ick. But a pregnant bikini shot? Nah, I’m not feeling their pain.

I love seeing pics of pregnant women in bikinis. I think they look incredible. They remind me of a meme I saw recently, which said “My body is so amazing because at some point it has had 2 heads, 4 hands, 4 legs, two different beating hearts, 2 different DNAs … I am a mum!”

Right on, sisters!

So, for your enjoyment, here’s a gallery of pregnant iVillage readers (and celebs) in bikinis. I’ve – deep breath – added a pic of me to the gallery. Not because I’m a celebrity, but because real pregnant women in bikinis rock too. Send in a pic of you pregnant in a cossie and we’ll add it to the gallery. Email it to [email protected]