The 20th anniversary Princess Diana tribute art work that, erm... didn't go to plan.

With the very best intentions in mind, 14 local residents in the UK town of Chesterfield have made a thoughtful tribute to mark the 20th anniversary of the passing of the late Princess of Wales, Diana.

But boy oh boy is it… shall we say, divisive.

Created mostly from leaves, petals and bark, the well dressing – an ancient summer practice in which town wells are decorated with flora native to the area – first appeared at the Town Pump earlier this week and now the world cannot look away.

Mostly because it doesn’t really look all that much like Princess Diana.

Then again, if you have a couple of chardonnays, take your glasses off, squint and assume she’d just returned from a summer holiday in the Bahamas with a stye on her left eye, then sure, it looks just like her.

Source: Facebook / Chesterfield Borough Council.

"Wow, that's something else," one Facebook user commented.

"What the holy hell...." another asked.

"Don't look into her eyes, she'll eat your soul!" another joked.

"Photo realism. I thought the Queen of hearts was there on the streets of Chesterfield. It's like she never left us," another said.

"Bold choice from Chesterfield Council going with controversial artist Cecilia Gimenez. But I must say, it's definitely consistent with her work," one person commented, referring to the Spanish woman who famously "restored" the Ecce Homo fresco in 2012.


"This Diana 'tribute' in Chesterfield town centre is something else," one Twitter user said.

"I live here and, let me tell you, I can feel her eyes on me, even now in my house," one local replied.

But as a spokesperson for Chesterfield Council said earlier this week, "All art is meant to be a talking point and that certainly seems to be the case with this year’s design."

The spokesperson continued, “The well dressing is designed to attract visitors to the area and if the publicity encourages more people to come and visit the market and local shops then that can only be good for Chesterfield."

And as one Facebook user pointed out, "Maybe it's not an exact likeness guys but come on! People have put a lot of effort into this when they didn't need to...I know for one I couldn't do a better job!"

Modern art: it's always divisive, isn't it?

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