Princess Charlotte has had her first day at nursery and the photos are just too precious.

Princess Charlotte is starting nursery school and the Duchess of Cambridge has shared two adorable photographs to mark the occasion. Just what’s needed on a Tuesday.

“The images were taken by The Duchess shortly before Princess Charlotte left for her first day of nursery at the Willcocks Nursery School,” the caption to the photographs posted to Kensington Palace’s Instagram account reads.

And it’s making us feel rather… old. Surely it was only yesterday that Wills and Kate were expecting their first child, George?

And now, all of a sudden, George is at school; there’s a third baby on the way; and Charlotte, well Charlotte looks like this….


Positively sweet, of course.

The two-year-old, who is fourth in line to the throne, was photographed at Kensington Palace before travelling to nearby Willcocks Nursery School, AAP reports.

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Charlotte is pictured sitting down on some outside steps in the grounds of the famous palace, and another she is standing as she holds onto a rail.

She is wearing a scarf, coat and appears to have a rucksack on her back as she is photographed by her mother.


The princess will be a full-time pupil at the nursery, which charges fees of just over AU$5000 a term for pupils attending its Monday to Friday morning school.

The school has been described in reports as having a loyal following of “old English families and chic foreigners” and is something of a “hidden gem” in the shadow of the Royal Albert Hall.

It is likely Kate was invited into the nursery for her first “stay and play” session with Charlotte, where the parent gradually spends more time away from their child until they are happy to be apart from their mother or father for the whole day.