Don't panic, but a brand new photo of Princess Charlotte has been released.

Warning: the image in this post might cause heart palpitations, or at the very least extreme levels of “aww”. Proceed with caution.

In the very best news to come out of this Monday, Kensington Palace has released a brand new photo of Princess Charlotte ahead of her second birthday tomorrow.

Yes, it has officially been two years since Kate and Wills introduced their bonny baby girl to the world on those famous hospital steps in London. TWO WHOLE YEARS.

Ahem. To mark the occasion, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (or “Kate and Wills” to us naughty commoners) have shared a gorgeous portrait captured by the royal mum herself:


Look how long her hair is!

In typical fashion, little Charlotte is decked out in a ridiculously cute knitted cardigan — this time decorated with lambs — with a complementary ribbon pinned in her hair.

No doubt, both items will sell out worldwide within seconds, such is the power of Princess Charlotte.

Listen: The parenting technique Kate Middleton is a big fan of. (Post continues after audio.)

“The photograph was taken in April by The Duchess at their home in Norfolk,” the royal statement reads.

“The Duke and Duchess are very pleased to share this photograph as they celebrate Princess Charlotte’s second birthday.”

What a gift.