A royal scandal: Is Princess Charlotte a Secret Ginger?


It’s a Royal Scandal of the Ginger-iest shade.

We’re not sure if you’ve heard, but famous Royal People Kate and Wills had a baby 2 weeks ago. This is probably brand new information to everyone.

Despite only being 11 days old, Princess Charlotte (who already has her own Wikipedia page because she’s that small of a deal) is already the source of the biggest controversy to hit the Royal Family since Prince Philip said things.

There are whispers that Princess Charlotte’s hiding Ginger locks under that bonnet:

We imagine Princess Charlotte looks something like this under the bonnet.

We know. It’s huge.

If this shocking revelation is in fact true, there are certain assumptions that have to be made.

1) She’s going to be naughty like Prince Harry

Princess Charlotte, promise to think twice before wearing potential Anti-Semitic costumes to a fancy dress party, OK?

Oh Harry…

2) Prince Charles is the real dad of Harry and there’s a redhead gene in the family

I guess all those rumours about Princess Diana sleeping with a mysterious attractive red-head to produce Prince Harry’s ginger locks were wrong then…


3) Kate slept with Harry, Harry’s dad is still not Prince Charles

In our minds, a far more entertaining explanation. And therefore (according to us) the most likely to be fact.

Standing a bit too close for our comfort, Prince Harry.

We’re onto you, Royals.