Everything you'll ever need to know about Princess Beatrice's rumoured new boyfriend.

In case you missed it (which you may well have, considering you no doubt have hobbies and a life to attend to), Princess Beatrice was pictured in a car with a man.

They are obviously in love, getting married and having children, because the only people who sit in cars together are people who are in love, getting married and having children.

The man in question was a man called James Williams, a former lawyer turned CEO, who grew up in Britian but, much like Beatrice, made the move to the US for work.

So what can we make of it all?

Well, in the wake of her younger sister’s engagement, many well meaning (?) fans have come out in impassioned support for the 29-year-old, who split with her partner of 10 years a year and a half ago.  Because, you know, there’s nothing we like more than to project feelings of sadness on a single woman who probably isn’t sad at all.

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Now, British tabloids are suggesting Beatrice may not be single at all.

Williams, who once worked as a corporate lawyer at Clifford Chance now works for the world's most infamous boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

In fact, he is the CEO for Mayweather's new business venture, Mayweather Boxing & Fitness. The business duo hope to open 500 gyms worldwide. (Perhaps we should remind you, just for context's sake, that Floyd Mayweather is serial domestic abuser.)

Other fun facts include the notion Beatrice and Williams were pictured leaving dinner in a car believed to be worth nearly $200,000, though The Daily Mail report a huge, big, hard-to-miss sticker on the front of the car hints that the car came from a rental car service in West Hollywood. D'oh.

One more is the fact just two weeks ago, a woman by the name of Lucy wrote this on Instagram for Williams: "Given the choice between watching the sunset or staring at you I’ll choose you every time."

Alas, either Williams has a close female friend who is more than happy to stare at him often or he had a girlfriend a mere two weeks ago or he has a girlfriend now. What a thick, thick plot.

Beatrice, regardless, is pursuing a career in New York, where she has started her own business consultancy.

She is often pictured hanging out with friends is Los Angeles, including ones she is pictured in cars with and therefore absolutely must be dating.

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