In defence of Prince William's dad dancing.

TMZ has released footage they say is Prince William busting moves in a nightclub in Verbier, Switzerland.

He has been on holiday in the Swiss Alps, so the blurry man in the video could very well be the future King letting his hair down.

It is believed he was on holiday alone, leaving his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, and their two kids at home.

What better time to bust out the dad dancing?

TMZ said the prince “raised the roof like he was straight outta Buckingham” starting a “personal dance revolution” at around 10:30pm.


Most parents will know that being up after 10pm is cause for celebration.

But being out of the house, alone, child-free, on holiday is something of most parents’ dreams. No wonder he was raising the roof for hip-hop hit ‘I Got 5 On It’.

Poor Wills, it’s hard to be cool as a parent.

I am a mum and I dance like I am trapped in a mid-90s rave. I understand I will never be cool. I probably never was, but it’s okay.


I apologise to my son for future embarrassment. I know it will happen. I’m so bad at dancing last time I was in a club, a friend tried to teach me to incorporate a clap into my routine. I looked like I was doing aerobics in the 1980s.

It’s the same dance I do now if my kid is asleep before 9pm.

I may have got my moves from my mother, who was an aerobics instructor and now thinks she invented twerking.

She was once terribly offended when she was told she danced like a divorcee. Which is too harsh, she can twerk and she does Zuma. She’s in her 50s and I have never been able to do Zuma.

In defence of dad dancing, it’s gold. It’s so embarrassing, but almost everyone has a daggy dance.

My heart melts every time my father busts out his signature 70s knee-lift walk.  It’s like high school Nutbush City Limit choreography.

My partner, danced like a dad even before he became one. He first showed me his dad dancing moves when I met him over 10 years ago. I loved him for it.

He still does the sprinkler. Whenever he is a little tipsy, he does a smile dance that I just adore.

I desperately want that blurry video to be Prince William having a great time.

I want all the dads out their to do their dad dance, regularly. It’s what makes us love them.