Prince "hadn't slept for six days" before he died.

New details of Prince’s final days have emerged as members of his close family circle share stories of their last encounters with the music superstar.

Prince’s brother-in-law Maurice Phillips told The Mirror that Prince had not slept for six days leading up to his death.

“I was with him just last weekend,” Phillips said. “He worked 154 hours straight. He was a good brother-in-law.”

This comment follows claims that Prince may have been addicted to strong opioid painkillers and Fentanyl patches for decades.

While painkillers on this nature usually increase sleepiness, extreme use combined with other medications can also cause insomnia. 

Meanwhile a man who claims that he was Prince’s dealer from 1984 – 2008 has spoken to The Daily Mail about how costly his addiction was.

“He’d buy large supplies of both drugs — I think the most he ever spent was around $40,000 at one time,” for a six-month supply, said the LA-based drug dealer who identified himself as “Doctor D.”

“Doctor D” said that Prince used the drugs “to cope” and increased his intake during times of stress. In particular, he used the drugs to treat his stage fright around big gigs such as his performances at the 2007 Miami Super Bowl and at the popular Coachella music festival in 2008.

Watch the legendary singer perform live at the Superbowl. (Post continues after video.)


“He was always a pill man — that’s why nobody ever saw him do drugs,” he said.

“He wasn’t really a party guy either; he was doing these drugs so he could feel at ease around people.

“When I knew him he didn’t have any health problems that I knew about — he was taking the drugs because he needed them to cope, not because he was in pain.”

Prince was found dead in his home on April 21 and it is suspected he overdosed on the prescription drug Percocet which he took to treat pain in his hips and ankles. It is also suspected that this pain was caused from years of performing in heels.

“Doctor D” said that Prince’s doctors might not have known about his addition to other drugs. Combining these drugs with Percocet may have made overdose more likely.

A police source has told The Mirror that they will be investigating Prince’s medical history and where he obtained his prescription medication from.

Prince’s cause of death is yet to be confirmed. The singer’s publicist said the autopsy results will not be released for at least another four weeks.

Prince’s life was celebrated in a private ceremony and cremation on April 23.

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