A lot of people are shocked to learn Prince Harry was born with another name.

Many of us Aussies like to feel as though we know the British Royal Family pretty well.

We get excited when they’re in the country (like Prince Harry is now), and we follow their births, deaths and marriages with the fervour of any Briton.

So how can it be that so many of us got one of our favourite royal’s name wrong his entire life?

Several social media users were shocked to learn Prince Harry’s real name is actually Henry.

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The name Henry is normally only used when referring to the 32-year-old by his proper title: His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, but a quick Google search will show you his birth name is Henry Charles Albert David.

Our knowledge gap was exposed when Channel Seven tweeted a live stream of the prince speaking at an event in Sydney on Wednesday, also sharing the video feed on their Facebook page.

The caption beneath the video read: “Invictus Games Countdown Launch: His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales at Admiralty House, Kirribilli.”

Commenters were quick to point out Channel Seven’s supposed “mistake”.

We love Prince Harry - we just didn't know him as well as we thought. (Image via Getty.)

"Prince HARRY not Henry just saying," commented one woman on the Facebook page.

"Fix Prince Harry's name up on your heading please. Harry Not HENRY," wrote another.

But it wasn't long before the correcters were the ones being corrected by fellow Facebook users.

"It's Prince HENRY not Harry just saying... Actually to be correct "Harry's" full title is His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, his birth name is Henry Charles Albert David.. just saying."

Right. We bet those who commented first were left a little red-faced after reading that one.

But we can't imagine they felt any worse that this Twitter user, who after "correcting" Seven News on Twitter - and calling for someone to quit - was made to look pretty foolish.

Note to self: Google people's names before correcting anyone for getting it wrong.

Did you know Prince Harry's given name was Henry?