The troubling reason why Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle is being abused.

The world was understandably shocked when Kensington Palace confirmed yesterday that Prince Harry was indeed dating Suits actress Meghan Markle.

The statement came in response to the 35-year-old being attacked by the media since rumours of their secret romance began swirling last week, revealing that the pair had only gone public in an effort to stop the “wave of abuse and harassment” that had flooded Markle’s way.

“Some of this has been very public – the smear on the front page of a national newspaper; the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments,” the statement read.


“Some of it has been hidden from the public – the nightly legal battles to keep defamatory stories out of papers; her mother having to struggle past photographers in order to get to her front door; the attempts of reporters and photographers to gain illegal entry to her home and the calls to police that followed; the substantial bribes offered by papers to her ex-boyfriend; the bombardment of nearly every friend, co-worker, and loved one in her life.”

Since news broke that Markle and Prince Harry were potentially hooking up, Meghan has been referred to as “Meghan The Minx” by British tabloids.

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Why? It might have something to do with the fact she is divorced.


Meghan married producer Trevor Engelson in 2011, after having dated for seven years. They split two years later in 2013, due to geographical differences, with Meghan waiving her right to all financial support.

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Tabloids have mapped out Meghan’s “rise through the social ladder” thanks to her charity work – something we never imagined could be counted as a reason she shouldn’t date a royal.

Comments have also been made about her mixed-race heritage, with comparisons made between her family’s “humble upbringing” and Prince Harry’s royal blood and lavish lifestyle.


One article even chronicled Markle’s background – and the jobs of her ancestors – in comparison to Harry’s family’s rise to the throne, speaking of the “struggles” the actress’s mixed race family faced in America.

There were intricate analysis’ of the crime rate of her home town of Crenshaw in Los Angeles, and descriptions of the colour, style and age of her family home.

Estranged family members came forward claiming the actress was “narcissistic and selfish” and threatening to expose the truth about the star.

“The Royal Family would be appalled by what she’s done to her own family. The truth would kill her relationship with Prince Harry, he wouldn’t want to date her any more because it puts her in a bad public light,” Meghan’s half-sister, writer Samantha Grant, told press.


The Suits star was also criticised after she was quizzed on ‘Britishisms’, failing to answer 11 out of 15 questions about her boyfriend’s home country correctly.

(Because we can all name the national animal of England at the drop of a hat, right? P.S. It’s a lion, apparently).

Since news broke barely a week ago that Prince Harry and Meghan were dating, every shred of her life, her history and her personality has been scrutinised by the tabloid media.

We can understand why Harry – and the rest of the royals – decided that enough was enough.