7 moments Prince Harry was awesome (or kind of offensive).


Oh, Harry.

Our dear Prince Harry (or Prince Henry Albert Charles David of Wales, as he was christened) turns 30 today.

Incidentally, he also inherits 10,000,000 British pounds, which is about $18 million Australian dollars. No, today it does not suck to be a royal.

Over the years, Harry has cemented his place as the Naughty One.

He also has managed to make the world a better place, including his charity that assists AIDS orphans in South Africa, his patron work for aid organisations WellChild and MapAction, and his foundation with brother Prince William, that helps young people, the Armed Forces, and conservation work, called The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry (TRFOTDADOCAPH for short… Just kidding).

In honour of Harry and his 30 glorious years, we bring you a delightful list of seven moments when Harry was awesome… and kind of offensive.

1. That time he dressed up like a Nazi and pissed everyone off majorly.

Most royals would heavily consider all possible outrage when choosing a fancy dress costume, but not Harry. A 20-year-old Harry was photographed with a Swastika on his arm, a drink in his hand and a cigarette in his mouth. Everything about him said “F*ck it”. But Clarence House quickly issued an apology statement on his behalf, calling it a “poor choice of costume”. Well said, Clarence House. Not Harry’s finest hour.

2. That time he got naked and drunk playing strip billiards in Las Vegas.

Our advice to Harry after this incident: If you are going to get naked and drunk playing strip billiards in Las Vegas with a bunch of random hot chicks that you don’t know, confiscate their camera phones first.

3. The times he got photographed with his girlfriends.

When you look at his dating history, you see a lot of gorgeous blonde girls. Chelsy Davy, Florence Brudenell-Bruce, Cressida Bonas… same hair, different names. Apparently his new girlfriend does NOT have blonde hair. It worked for William, but we’ll see if it works for Harry.


4. The time he giggled at his Gran when he was supposed to be serious.

It’s hard work being the grandson of the Queen. Especially when you’re a super important Military man, and the Queen is walking past you in a Royal parade. Harry got the giggles, and made us love him even more. For the record, he is now a Captain, outranks his older brother Wills, and is also a high-ranked Apache pilot. Hot.

5. The time he was just a generally awesome kid.

Apparently, at 14, he stripped off and ran around naked in front of guests at Prince Charles’ 50th birthday celebration. Apparently, he went to the top school in London (Eton College), but got a D in Geography (hopefully has gotten better since being involved with the Army Air Corps…). Apparently, he was the coolest kid ever.

6. The time he mucked around on all his royal tours and made everyone love him.

He cheekily asked the World’s Fastest Man Usain Bolt “so… do you work out?” and then ‘raced’ against him. He danced with children in Santiago, Chile. He played Paralympic-style seated volleyball with wounded soldiers in USA.  And for once, he didn’t even do anything inappropriate…

7. That time he created the Invictus Games and looked like a rock star.

Prince Harry was behind the inception of the recent Invictus games, a sports competition for wounded, sick and debilitated servicemen. Teams travelled from 13 countries across the globe to compete in the inaugural event. Prince Harry spoke to the 26,000 people in the crowd at the closing night concert in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and managed to look both like  a cheeky rock star, and an impressive young royal who had achieved something great.

Charities, cheekiness, compassion. Happy birthday to Harry, the only Prince Charming worth knowing.

And here’s some more Harry. Cheeky bugger.