What happens when royal babies meet...

Turns out blue-blooded babies are just as messy as the “normal” kind. Who knew?

What happens when royal babies meet? This. Prince William’s cousin Zara Phillips recently took baby Mia to meet her cousin, the  future King of England, Prince George.

According to Mia’s dad Mike Tindall, when they arrived little George was eating. “He’d got to that stage where more food goes on the table than in his mouth. Mia was just chilling and sleeping, she sleeps a lot, she’s quite relaxed,” he says.

Mike Tindall, Zara Phillips and Mia

Despite Mia being the 16th in-line to the throne, Prince George (who clearly outranks her, being third in-line) got food all over his cousin. Not very princely.

"I don't think Mia will remember that day, she was two months old," says Mike, , who recalled the moment at an event for his charity Rugby Heroes. "But it was great, it was carnage!"

With cousins Zara and William's close relationship, George and Mia are sure to be childhood friends (and thankfully, she won't remember much of the food-throwing incident). However, at the moment, it is the one and only time Mia has met Prince George, with Tindall saying that Prince William and Kate have just been too busy for another catch up (we hope sans food).

And we are sure you miss little George as much as we do, so here is a gallery of his best looks from the Royal Tour earlier this year.

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