Inside Prince George's lunchbox: There's not a muesli bar in sight.

This Thursday, Prince George will embark on his first day of school.

And as the future King of England, there’ll be no soggy tuna sandwiches or week-old bananas in his lunchbox.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are sending the four-year-old to Thomas’s Battersea, an independent school in London’s south west.

Costing around £17,000 (almost AUD $28,000) a year, you can bet the Prince’s daily spread will be nicer than anything you’ve ever eaten… in your life.

Thomas’s Battersea is focused on fostering kind, happy and confident children, which of course starts with making sure their brains are refuelled with the highest quality ingredients.

The school’s catering team boasts an impressive range of wholesome options, ensuring their menus feature organic meat, vegetables and dairy whenever possible.

For lunch, George can expect to feast on freshly prepared authentic lamb ragout with garlic and fresh herbs, served with organic grated cheese, baton carrots and cucumber, and steamed fibre-rich whole-wheat twisty pasta, as well as Mediterranean couscous and quinoa with baked smoked mackerel on a bed of puy lentils.

Sounds kind of exhausting, yeah?

And to satisfy his sweet tooth, he’ll snack on a strictly sugar controlled, oven-baked oatmeal and raisin cookie served with a banana milkshake, and steamed jam and coconut sponge with organic custard.

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While that all sounds healthy and fulfilling, we can’t help but worry George might miss out on some of the quintessential lunchbox snacks of years gone by.

What about roll ups and fruit boxes? Or white fairy bread and sugary muesli bars masquerading as a healthy option?

Here’s hoping Kate can sneak in a fun-sized Snickers into his backpack undetected.

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