Sorry, Prince George's adorable jumper is already sold out.

Is this the beginning of the George effect?

The entire world breathed a great big “aww” when adorable photos of Prince George sitting on the steps of Kensington Palace were recently released, just in time for Christmas.

But besides George’s great big rosy cheeks, it looks like everyone else also had their eye on something else.

Prince George on the steps of Kensington Palace.

His equally gorgeous festive jumper, displaying marching guardsmen from retailer Cath Kidson. The jumper usually retails for just over $50 but we’re afraid if you were planning on purchasing one, you’re already too late.

Cath Kidston explains that the jumper is already sold out, tweeting, “We sold it but it sold out a while ago, why not check out our new kids tank.”

Via Cath Kidson twitter.

A short while later another tweet was sent, revealing the jumper may be restocked. “Given the huge demand we’re looking into getting more. We’ll be speaking to our team tomorrow to see what’s possible so we’ll be able to update you next week #fingerscrossed,” the tweet read.

Via Cath Kidson twitter.

All we want to know is, does it come in an adult version?

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