Prince Louis 'ruined' Prince Charles' birthday portrait and it was seriously adorable.

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Last week the royal family released two photos of Prince Charles with his wife Camilla, his two sons, their wives and his grandchildren.

In the photos, to celebrate Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, five-year-old Prince George sits on his grandfather’s lap, Charles’ hands keeping him still. Meanwhile, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte showcase their adorable smiles for the special occasion.

They’re super cute (and surprisingly candid), but we’ve just been given an even greater gift.

Firstly, we now know that Prince William and Kate’s kids call Charles “Grandpa Wales” and we are obsessed.

Secondly, royal photographer Chris Jackson was given exclusive access to Charles over the last year, which resulted in a photo series and profile in the Sunday Timesand a fantastic photo of six-month-old Prince Louis ruining perfecting his grandfather’s birthday photo.

In the outtake, Prince Louis is seen reaching down to grab Charles’ face and the future king’s reaction is seriously sweet.


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If your heart hasn’t already exploded (HOW?), don’t worry because THERE’S MORE.


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We know these photos are about celebrating Charles’ milestone birthday… But they’ve also made us realise that we need more Prince Louis in our lives.

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