A workmate's bizarre pregnancy comment floored this mum-to-be.

Most mums will remember an awkward encounter with someone who just doesn’t quite get pregnancy.

Whether it’s the well-meaning acquaintance who insists “you don’t look pregnant”, or the uncle whose eyes bulge as he asks if you’re carrying twins – it’s a fact that some people need to think a little bit more before they speak.

But one mum-to-be’s experience proves there are people who are misguided, and others are just plain rude. The woman, who is 25 weeks pregnant, logged on to parenting forum Mumsnet to share her encounter with a colleague who was a little of both.

Listen: When to tell the boss you’re pregnant and what your rights are. (Post continues after audio.)

The woman, username Crapuccino, said the conversation was borne out of “meaningless chit-chat” with a colleague by the photocopier.

Colleague: “How’s everything?”

Me: “Really good! I’ve been invited to [extremely prestigious thing] next week so I’m really nervous. You?”

Colleague: “Erm… you’re going to go?”

Me: “Sure, why?”

Colleague: “Well… won’t it look… a bit…”

Me: …?

Colleague: “Well you’re pregnant. Won’t it look a bit unprofessional?”

Me: “Er, yeah, anyway, I think my copying is done.” Scarper, wondering wtf just happened.

"Um... excuse me?" (Image: Four Christmases, New Line Pictures)

While the poster doesn't say if it's a man or woman who made the comment, we can only assume they are someone who has had very little to do with pregnant women (and has some bizarre thoughts on what constitutes professionalism).

The mum-to-be goes on to ask if anyone else on the site had received any "really... weird" comments while pregnant. None top her own for awkwardness, but some come close on the insulting front. (Post continues after gallery.)

One woman was asked by a customer at her work if she "knew the dad". Her response was brilliant.

"I replied, 'aye, it's one of seven so shall see who it looks like most I suppose.' I walked off after saying that."

Another shared some shocking (and unwarranted) advice she'd received from her doctor.

"I had a GP advise me to change my title from Ms to Mrs so 'when I went to the hospital they wouldn't think I was a single mother'."

Now that's unprofessional, if you ask us.

What insulting comments or advice have you received while pregnant?