Reddit just saved a pregnant woman from what could have been a very dangerous situation.

Reddit can be a place of confessions, tragedy and sometimes, a place of advice too.

But for one mum-to-be, it’s a platform she says saved her from what could’ve been a terrible fate.

A 29-year-old pregnant woman, writing under the username babyblues17, turned to the platform some two weeks ago with a dilemma. She is almost nine months pregnant with her first child, but her husband’s past is coming back to haunt their future.

“When my husband was a freshman in college, he was arrested for possession of marijuana. It was a large enough amount that he was charged with a Class D felony (our jurisdiction is very harsh regarding marijuana), but not intent to deal. He plead guilty and did his time and probation without a problem, passing every drug test along the way.

“He has not touched marijuana (or any other illegal substance) since, and we rarely even drink (and haven’t at all in over a year). I have no criminal record, and have never done drugs myself. It was a stupid mistake he made as a foolish eighteen-year-old, and he’s worked hard to put it behind him,” she explains.

However, things grew complicated when someone contacted Child Services and said the couple were drug users.

“We have been as cooperative as could be with our caseworker. We’ve been interviewed, our home has been examined, and she found nothing remotely suspicious or incriminating. We have both taken drug tests and passed.”

Despite their co operation, babyblues17 said the case worker said there was still the possibility that their child could be taken from them in the labor and delivery ward, and that they may not be allowed to take the baby home.

“I was devastated and horrified to hear that. When I asked why, she said it was “not up to [her],” and “we’ll have to wait and see,” which made absolutely no sense to me. What gives? I feel like there’s something she isn’t telling me, but I have no experience with DCS and I’m not aware of anything we could have possibly done wrong.”

Overwhelmingly, the comments section was full one one overriding query: Can Child Services investigate a foetus?

Finally, a former CPS investigator chimed in.

“Something here is not making any sense at all, unless the law has changed greatly in the last few years when I left the department. As of this moment you are pregnant correct? You don’t have any children? They are investigating the foetus?” they posed.

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Another agreed.

"Former CPS worker here, too. Agree with you. CPS does not investigate pregnant women with no current children. Something is not right."

On the advice of commenters, babyblues17 went straight to a lawyer and explained the situation.

"He seemed to agree that something was very fishy. To make a long story short, the woman 'handling our case' has no affiliation with DCS. I'm still in complete shock.

"We went straight to the police. They're taking this very seriously. I can't give a lot of details because it's an ongoing investigation, but she seems to have been a very skilled/well-researched liar. I never would have known anything was amiss without the advice of this subreddit and the intervention of my attorney.

"I feel like a complete idiot, but the instinct to cooperate unquestioningly when faced with an intimidating 'authority figure' is strong," she added.

The mum-to-be added the hospital has been informed, and they're taking appropriate security measures.

"I haven't had the baby yet. We're staying at a trusted family member's home until the baby is born," she wrote.

Now, that is terrifying.

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