A pregnant woman has sent her own father to prison after a Facebook post.

Throughout 19-year-old Cora Patterson’s life, her father had been in and out of jail.

But when Cora, from Bolton in the UK, told her father she was pregnant in February, he was over the moon and said it had inspired him to pursue a fresh start.

Less than a month later, Cora spotted her father, Colin Patterson, and her aunt, Janine Patterson, in CCTV footage police had released to help find the people who had burgled the home of a retired woman.

Without hesitation, Cora knew what she had to do: she told police the names of her family members involved, knowing that when she did, her father would go to back prison.

Cora thought her dad had changed, but then she saw him robbing a home on CCTV. Image via Facebook.

"There was CCTV footage of the burglars and immediately I recognised my dad and his sister, Janine," Cora told The Sun of the moment she realised what her father had done.

"I felt so angry and ashamed and I posted their names and details on Facebook.

"I was devastated and I felt so bad for the people whose home he had burgled. I felt at rock bottom.

"I sent my details to the home owner and then I spoke to the police. Dad was arrested soon after."

Image via Facebook.

Cora said knowing she would be sending her own father in prison was "the hardest thing" she has ever done.

"But it was the right thing to do," she said.

"It breaks my heart that my baby will grow up without a grandad."

She said that she "always wished" her father, who was absent for most of her childhood, would change, and hoped the prospect of becoming a grandparent would help.

Cora had told her dad she was pregnant just one month before the robbery. Image via Facebook.

"I phoned him [to tell him I was pregnant] and he was absolutely thrilled," she said.

"He came round to congratulate me and he told me that the baby would be a new start for him and he wouldn't let us down."


When Colin and Janine appeared in court last month, the judge praised the teen for her bravery.

"It does take some serious courage to do that. A far as I'm concerned, [Cora] should be commended," Judge Timothy Stead told the court.

cora pregnant family
Cora turned both her aunt and her father in to police. Image via Police Handout.

Colin and Janine had stolen a number of items from the woman's home, including gifts she had received from her parents for her 21st birthday before they died, and a swimming medal that belonged to the woman's mother.

Colin was sentenced to four years in prison, and Janine to 30 months behind bars.

Cora said she doesn't regret her decision.

"Dad has let me down once too often. He doesn't deserve to be in my baby's life at all," she said.