Meet the Olympian who found out she was pregnant two days before Rio.

Volleyballer Diana Reyes, who is representing her home country of Puerto Rico in the Rio Olympics, had quite a tumultuous few days in the lead up to the Games.

Just two days before leaving for Rio, Reyes was involved in a car crash in San Lorenzo, in Puerto Rico’s east.

But while in hospital for the accident, the 23-year-old was told some very unexpected news: she was pregnant. She says that while it took her some time to come to terms with the news, her doctor wasn’t concerned, and said she was fit to compete in the Games.

Diana Reyes at the Pan American Games in 2011. Image via Getty.

Being pregnant does not necessarily impair an athlete's ability to compete in high-level sport. At the 2012 London Olympics, Kerri Walsh-Jennings, who represented the US in beach volleyball, was five weeks pregnant. Her condition certainly didn't stop her and her teammate from winning a gold medal.

Reyes, however, might be in hot water for the way she went about announcing her pregnancy. Her coach says it wasn't until the team arrived in Rio that she told him.

It's the first time Puerto Rico has competed in the women's volleyball, and they lost all three matches. Reyes didn't play in the first two rounds, but did play in the team's final match against China. Her coach said her pregnancy didn't affect her participation. Post continues after gallery.


Brazillian publication O Globo has reported that Reyes is four months pregnant. Her coach told the outlet, "The tests indicated that she may join the group, there is no kind of risk. We are a family and now we have a new member. She did not play because it is a technical decision."

Of course, the major concern going to Rio was the Zika virus, which has attracted significant media attention because of the risks it poses to pregnant women. Transmitted via mosquito bites, the virus can cause birth defects in babies. Neither Reyes or her coach were too concerned about Zika, and health authorities have said the risk is not as large as first expected.

Speaking to a Puerto Rican publication, Diana Reyes said she's "super happy, because I'll be a mum and I'm here (in Rio)".