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"I wish I had a picture of my belly every day." Mums share their biggest pregnancy regrets.

From not getting enough sleep to fretting too much, most mums have a few pregnancy regrets.

Recently, a group of mums took to Reddit to discuss that very topic and to share the things they wish they’d done differently during their pregnancies.

It’s not surprising that not sleeping or relaxing enough were common themes for many women, along with not taking professional maternity photos.

pregnancy regrets
It's not surprising that not sleeping or relaxing enough were common themes for many women. Image via iStock.

Another popular regret? Not investing in maternity underwear. So true...

Smydgen wrote: "How comfortable maternity underwear are. I waited way too long to invest in them this time around" while SashaTheFireGypsy added "Take. More. Pictures. I wish I had a picture of my belly every day."


borkborkporkbork raised the serious issues of postnatal depression, "Taken PPD more seriously. I don't have a history of depression or anything, so I didn't think it applied, but I ended up with awful PPD and the first quite a few weeks are just a blur, I can hardly remember anything" while suedesweepea wishes she had said 'no' more:

Seriously. There were times when I wore myself super thin from going here with friends, helping friends do this, do that, organize this party, decorate that party, etc. I was very sick from HG as it were, but I was so afraid of the whole "you'll lose your friends when baby comes". So I just jumped at any little chance to do anything. Yeah getting out is great, but I should have rested and taken more stress free me time. And ya know what? I lost friends anyways, but not the ones that actually matter, and that actually care about me.

If you've been pregnant, no doubt looking through this thread will give you some peace of mind to know you're not alone when it comes to niggling pregnancy regrets.

pregnancy regrets
"I should have rested and taken more stress free me time. " Image via iStock.

If you haven't had a baby yet? It might be time to stock up on some maternity underwear... [Editor's note: get the biggest pair possible. Trust me.]

What is your biggest pregnancy regret?