Breastfeeding is okay. It's pregnant bellies Facebook now has a problem with.

Just when they took a step forward, they’ve taken three steps backwards.

Melbourne mum-to-be Erika Sepulveda did what any excited pregnant woman would do. She had professional pregnancy photos taken and decided to share them on her Facebook account.

Erika Sepulveda. (Image via Facebook)

Yet Sepulveda was shocked when she received a message from Facebook, explaining that her photos were being investigated for containing nudity.

“This is a beautiful time our bodies go through, it’s a celebration of women,” Sepulveda, who is currently nine months pregnant, told The Herald Sun.

(Image via Facebook)

While the photo was recently approved on her Facebook profile, Sepulveda felt disappointed that it had been flagged with other images of guns and animal cruelty are allowed to stay.

But Sepulveda has had overwhelming support, explaining, “I’ve had heaps of women share the photo, I don’t even know them."

Erika Sepulveda. (Image via Facebook)

The Facebook Community Standards policy states they restrict the display of nudity because some audiences may be sensitive to the content.

“As a result, our policies can sometimes be more blunt than we would like and restrict content shared for legitimate purposes,” the policy says.

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