Fitness blogger perfectly depicts 'Instagram pregnant life' vs 'real pregnant life'.

Melbourne mum and fitness guru Anna Strode has posted an empowering side-by-side photo on Instagram, highlighting the difference between an Instagram pregnancy and a real life pregnancy.

Anna runs the popular Instagram page @bubs2bikinis and she recently got real with her followers, posting the composite image on the platform, writing: “Instagram Pregnant Life versus Real Pregnant Life… I’m all about balance.”

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Anna explained that although her followers might look at her page and think that she works out all the time and eats healthily all the time, that was far from the truth.

“Well I’m here to tell you that’s not how things go and I don’t think anyone should live without a bit of life’s indulgences,” she wrote.

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Anna says the image on the right represents what her life looks like a few nights a week and she believes it’s just as important to share as the image on the left.

“I’m a REAL mama, with REAL pregnancy cravings and REAL battles of accepting how my body changes throughout life’s journeys.”


She then finished off her post by reminding her followers they only have one life and they should strive to find a happy, healthy balance.

The post has already received almost 3000 likes and many mums-to-be have thanked Anna for her realness.

BE DETERMINED ????????‍♀️ Almost 24 weeks and still jogging with bump and the monkeys, even though my jog is more of a waddle than a run ???? I have a lot of people asking where my motivation to stay active comes from. For me, my motivation isn’t to be thin or look a certain way – it’s all about how exercise makes me FEEL ????❤️ Exercise empowers me – it has been the ONE thing that I’ve relied on since becoming a mama. Sure, I liked to exercise before kids, but now – I NEED to exercise. Exercise gives me balance and a positive mind. It helps me see good in tough days and gives me energy on the ones I feel like I might not cope. Its fair to say, exercise is kind of like my way of surviving #mumlife and it helps me be a much better mama ???????? Some people like their wine at the end of the day, some people enjoy retail therapy to ease the mind – my vice is a run along the beach with my little monkeys, or a workout in the backyard with them by my side ???????? If you’re looking for the answer to help keep you motivated, try thinking about how exercise makes you SMILE and how it makes you feel PROUD when you’ve smashed your workout. I have never once heard anyone say ‘I regret working out today’. Let’s all move – not to look a certain way, but to LOVE the way it makes us FEEL ????????

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“Well said. I have tried to healthily most of the time during my pregnancy and still exercise but I have always had a sweet tooth and have totally been indulging it regularly with cake and chocolate. Like you said balance is key,” one person commented.

“The other night my husband snacked on veggies and hummus and I got cake out of the freezer for my snack cause [sic], well, cravings are for real,” added another.

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“Love this so much. So true! I love the guffaw of a laugh while your eating your ice cream! Yesssss!”

What’s your quintessential ‘Instagram pregnant life’ vs ‘real pregnant life’ moment?