'Don't grab the belly': The Hills star Lauren Conrad schools everyone on pregnancy etiquette.

Lauren Conrad announced that she is expecting her first baby with her husband William Tell earlier this month.

While her pregnancy is still in its early days, The Hills star has already noticed the well-meaning, but insensitive comments that are often made towards pregnant women.

“Most people only mean well when they are commenting on a pregnancy, but it’s one of those situations where it’s hard to know what to do or say,” the 30-year-old wrote in a blog post called Ladylike Laws: 4 Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman.

I may only be in my second trimester, but I’ve already noticed quite a few etiquette missteps when it comes to how people behave around someone who is expecting.”

Conrad’s first rule applies to before a pregnancy is even announced. Conrad insists that it is to never ask a married couple when they are planning to have children because it is an “extremely personal” topic.


Conrad also reminded readers that you just never know what a couple has been through.

“You also never know if someone may be privately struggling with fertility or has suffered through a recent miscarriage,” Conrad said in the post. “In those cases, asking someone when they are going to have kids can be a major trigger question.”

Mamamia Out Loud discuss how to answer that dreaded question. (Post continues after audio):

Connecting strongly to her first rule, Conrad’s second piece of advice is to never ask a woman if she pregnant unless you are 100 per cent sure.

“There’s no bigger blow to someone’s self-confidence and body image than asking them if they are pregnant when they are not,” Conrad wrote. “So unless they already mentioned that they are expecting, it’s much better to hold your tongue.”

Conrad’s third rule is that commenting on the size of a pregnant woman’s baby bump is never a good idea.

“I myself have been guilty of this one,” Conrad confessed. “While seeing a friend’s bump grow can be really exciting, you probably don’t comment on the size or shape of any other part of a woman’s body—and it’s not a good idea to comment on her bump either!”

Conrad’s final piece of pregnancy etiquette advice should really go without saying. Conrad suggests that if you really must touch a pregnant woman’s belly, please ask first.

“Even if you are a close friend or family member, it doesn’t hurt to ask first before making a grab for the belly,” Conrad wrote. “No matter what your relationship to the mama-to-be is, keep in mind that it’s much more pleasant to have someone politely ask if it is OK before groping your midsection.”

All power to Conrad for being so honest in this post. I’m sure lots of mothers to be could not agree more with her simple rules.