The pregnant blogger sparking outrage over her diet

Loni Jane is a 25-year-old Gold Coast woman who is pregnant and on a highly restrictive diet. And boy is she copping some heat for it.

She has been accused of putting her unborn baby at risk due to a restrictive diet. She says she's just healthy. What do you think?

Here is a typical day:

4.30-5am: Several glasses of lemon water

Morning: Vital greens powder

Mid-morning: A banana smoothie made with 5-6 bananas

Lunch: A 'mono meal' made up of mangoes, pineapples or any fruit, plus a salad if she's extra hungry

Dinner: Various meals made up of fruit, vegetables and vegan dressings

Restrictive? Yes. Dangerous? We don't think so.

Loni Jane Anthony says it was when she hit her early twenties that her body began rebelling against her unhealthy diet. She was putting on weight, she was tired and her skin was breaking out. It was then that she discovered US doctor Doug Graham's 80/10/10 diet that is a low-fat, vegan diet made up mostly of uncooked fruits and vegetables.

Her health improved almost immediately.

Loni Jane has shared her transformation using her Instagram account and has gained an impressive following of 116,000.

At first, she was met with admiration, but now, she's been subjected to harsh criticism and called narcissistic, irresponsible and ugly. She's been accused of putting her unborn child through a 'dangerous diet'. Her response was to post this photo showing a typical meal...and the photo above where she has drawn a face sticking it's tongue out on her pregnant belly. Ha.

This doesn't look like an unhealthy meal at all. So why do people think they can comment on how she eats, just because she's pregnant?


Loni Jane told

The negative feedback doesn't get to me because the people who are slamming me for it haven't tried it themselves and don't have any education about it. They don't understand and they're not even trying to. They're just having their opinions and their judgment way to quickly and they're too stuck in their comfort zones.

They're probably deep down interested but they don't have the will-power to give up their ice-cream or greasy McDonalds. They'd rather just shun it and not feel bad about doing what they're doing.

It seems so ridiculous because we're always told to eat more fruits and vegetables to be healthy, so it doesn't make any sense. I can't see how people can think that I'm depriving myself or my child. They're clearly not seeing the amount of food I'm eating.

My diet is balanced with an array of nutrients. I eat other things like all fruits and vegetables, good fats and protein like coconut yoghurt, hemp seeds, avocados, chia seeds, miso soup, sea vegetables and sauerkraut.

I feel like if I were to sit here and post a picture up of me eating a tub of ice-cream and a large McDonalds meal, on the coach with swollen feet and a headache, people wouldn't blink an eyelid but I eat some bananas, smoothies, super foods, and abundant fruits and veggies, and I'm labelled as irresponsible and extreme. Society can be really weird.

She make a good point. Images of pregnant women eating mass amounts of junk food is normally met with humour. Any attempts at healthy eating are often painted as dangerous and harmful to the unborn baby.

She posted this interesting recipe for healthy banana ice cream which looks DELICIOUS.

Here is a woman who is obviously thriving and is at peak health. She regularly sees a doctor who has confirmed she is perfect health. So too is her unborn baby.

Loni Jane told she has made some changes to her diet since falling pregnant. "The thing I've probably changed the most since being pregnant is that I'm definitely eating more cooked foods," she said. "I started taking black strap molasses about two months ago. I take that twice a day morning and night with some oranges because vitamin C helps you absorb iron. I have an amazing green powder that I have every single day which has everything in it. So if I'm feeling good on this low-fat high-carb diet while I'm pregnant, then that's exactly what I'm going to do."

So what does she plan to do with her massive new social media profile?

"I want to wake up every day with energy and bring my child into this world with a mother who has the energy to support them 100 per cent and lead by example. That's what I'm doing and I've never felt better.

"If I was affected by the negativity that's going around it would mean I'm unsure about whether I'm not doing the right thing but I know I am and I'm so happy with myself," she told News Limited. "I've got so much love for my unborn child and I'm so connected with myself that I know my little one in there is happy."

What do you think of Loni Jane's eating plan?

Here are some of Loni Jane's Instagram posts since falling pregnant:

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