"I accidentally watched the raciest drama on TV at home with my parents. Now I'm hooked."

‘Ah, what do we have here?’ my dad mumbled as two characters suddenly appeared naked on screen, pressed up against a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking New York’s skyline as the man went down on the woman.

What we ‘had’ there was just one of the steamy sex scenes from Stan’s TV show Power that I accidentally watched with my parents.

You see, when I went home for the Christmas period, I spent a lot of time hanging out at home with my rents. This usually meant sitting down and watching TV together.

But when my step-mum suggested we watch the new box set my dad got for Christmas of ‘some show called Power‘ together one Wednesday evening, I was not expecting to witness cunnilingus in my family home, parents sitting on the couch next to me.

Yes, we’re all adults, and adults have sex.

But parents? Nah, they don’t do the sex. At least in my mind, mine don’t.

Hence, it was a bit awkward but also, I immediately started binging the rest of Power when I returned to the privacy of my own living room.

You can watch the Power season one trailer below. Post continues after video.

I realise I’m four years late to the Power party. The show first hit small screens in 2014, but all five seasons are currently ready to be consumed in an extremely short period of time on Stan.

Power follows James St. Patrick, a New York nightclub owner by day and a cocaine king pin who goes by the name of Ghost by night, and his right hand man Tommy Egan as they run the city’s most successful drug operation.


Together with Jamie’s wife Tasha and help from their incarcerated mentor Kanan (played by 50 Cent), business is booming… that is, until Jamie has a chance encounter with an old high school girlfriend, Angie.

Jamie and Angie’s affair gets real hot fast, and then, really complicated because Angie is the US Assistant State’s Attorney working on cracking Jamie’s cartel. But will the love (and orgasms) between them be enough for Angie to save Ghost, or will she prosecute him to the full extent of the law?

Power has everything a good TV drama needs; a broken marriage, a former flame, a sordid affair, illegal activities and lots and lots of sex scenes.

Not overly realistic sex scenes, mind you (or does everyone have sex standing up against the wall and I’m just not aware of it?), but they’re exactly what one needs from fantasy, binge TV watching sex scenes.

Then there’s 50 Cent a.k.a Curtis Jackson, who is the show’s executive producer and stars as an entirely believable drug dealer. Between the gang violence and underworld elements, the Law & Order-style criminal drama and the romances, there’s enough in Power to be able to watch it with your partner, housemate and friends.

If you’re looking for something slightly ridiculous, very sexy and dramatic, and highly bingeable to watch before going back to work, give Power a crack.

Maybe just not with your parents. Your choice.

All five seasons of Power are available to stream right now on Stan.

Have you watch Power? What’s your favourite TV show to binge during the holidays?