Your guide to picking out the perfect power adapter for your next overseas holiday.

There are currently 15 different plug types in use across the world, so it’s good to know what type of international power adapters to take with you when you travel.

Skyscanner Australia looks at some of the most popular destinations for Aussie travellers and what plug type you’ll need when you arrive.

When you’re travelling it’s important to get the right adapter for your destination. Universal travel adapters are ideal, especially if you get one with USB sockets, but sometimes these can be bulkier than single function converters, such as a European power adapter.

Most adapters will be able to work with any voltage and a fair few countries, including Australia, work with sockets that dispense 220-240 volts.

Some, like the USA, have lower voltages around 100 – 127 volts. Generally speaking, when taking your electronics from a country with a higher voltage to a lower voltage country, there shouldn’t be any problems (although you may notice that they take longer to charge). However, when using travel gadgets or electronics bought from the States, avoid using a cheap or dodgy adapter as you run the risk of blowing the device and making it unusable.

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Plug types tend to stretch across a wide region. Europe mainly uses the C type plug (with the exception of the UK which prefers the G type), while North and Central America mainly uses the A type. This is great if you’re on an extended trip in one of these areas, but you if you travel through Asia or Africa you may have to change from country to country.

Here’s the full list of international electrical plug types:

Country / region Adapter plug type in country / region Voltage in country / region
Abu Dhabi G 230 V
Afghanistan C, F 220 V
Albania C, F 230 V
Algeria C, F 230 V
American Samoa A, B, F, I 120 V
Andorra C, F 230 V
Angola C 220 V
Anguilla A, B 110 V
Antigua & Barbuda A, B 230 V
Argentina C, I 220 V
Armenia C, F 230 V
Aruba A, B, F 120 V
Australia I 230 V
Austria C, F 230 V
Azerbaijan C, F 220 V
Azores B, C, F 230 V
Bahamas A, B 120 V
Bahrain G 230 V
Balearic Islands C, F 230 V
Bangladesh A, C, D, G, K 220 V
Barbados A, B 115 V
Belarus C, F 220 V
Belgium C, E 230 V
Belize A, B, G 110 V / 220 V
Benin C, E 220 V
Bermuda A, B 120 V
Bhutan C, D, G 230 V
Bolivia A, C 230 V
Bonaire A, C 127 V
Bosnia & Herzegovina C, F 230 V
Botswana D, G 230 V
Brazil C, N 127 V / 220 V
British Virgin Islands A, B 110 V
Brunei G 240 V
Bulgaria C, F 230 V
Burkina Faso C, E 220 V
Burma/Myanmar A, C, D, G, I 230 V
Burundi C, E 220 V
Cambodia A, C, G 230 V
Cameroon C, E 220 V
Canada A, B 120 V
Canary Islands C, E, F 230 V
Cape Verde C, F 230 V
Cayman Islands A, B 120 V
Central African Republic C, E 220 V
Chad C, D, E, F 220 V
Channel Islands C, G 230 V
Chile C, L 220 V
China A, C, I 220 V
Christmas Island I 230 V
Cocos Islands I 230 V
Colombia A, B 110 V
Comoros C, E 220 V
Congo, Democratic Republic C, D, E 220 V
Congo C, E 230 V
Cook Islands I 240 V
Costa Rica A, B 120 V
Ivory Coast C, E 220 V
Croatia C, F 230 V
Cuba A, B, C, L 110 V / 220 V
Curaçao A, B 127 V
Cyprus G 230 V
Cyprus, North G 230 V
Czech Republic C, E 230 V
Denmark C, E, F, K 230 V
Djibouti C, E 220 V
Dominica D, G 230 V
Dominican Republic A, B 120 V
Dubai G 230 V
East Timor C, E, F, I 220 V
Ecuador A, B 120 V
Egypt C, F 220 V
El Salvador A, B 120 V
England G 230 V
Equatorial Guinea C, E 220 V
Eritrea C, L 230 V
Estonia C, F 230 V
Ethiopia C, F 220 V
Faeroe Islands C, E, F, K 230 V
Falkland Islands G 240 V
Fiji I 240 V
Finland C, F 230 V
France C, E 230 V
French Guiana C, D, E 220 V
Gabon C 220 V
Gambia G 230 V
Gaza Strip C, H 230 V
Georgia C, F 220 V
Germany C, F 230 V
Ghana D, G 230 V
Gibraltar G 230 V
Great Britain G 230 V
Greece C, F 230 V
Greenland C, E, F, K 230 V
Grenada G 230 V
Guadeloupe C, E 230 V
Guam A, B 110 V
Guatemala A, B 120 V
Guinea C, F, K 220 V
Guinea-Bissau C 220 V
Guyana A, B, D, G 120 V / 240 V
Haiti A, B 110 V
Honduras A, B 120 V
Hong Kong G 220 V
Hungary C, F 230 V
Iceland C, F 230 V
India C, D, M 230 V
Indonesia C, F 230 V
Iran C, F 230 V
Iraq C, D, G 230 V
Ireland G 230 V
Ireland, Northern G 230 V
Isle of Man C, G 230 V
Israel C, H 230 V
Italy C, F, L 230 V
Jamaica A, B 110 V
Japan A, B 100 V
Jordan C, D, F, G, J 230 V
Kazakhstan C, F 220 V
Kenya G 240 V
Kiribati I 240 V
Korea, North C 220 V
Korea, South C, F 220 V
Kosovo C, F 230 V
Kuwait G 240 V
Kyrgyzstan C, F 220 V
Laos A, B, C, E, F 230 V
Latvia C, F 230 V
Lebanon C, D, G 230 V
Lesotho M 220 V
Liberia A, B 120 V
Libya C, L 230 V
Liechtenstein C, J 230 V
Lithuania C, F 230 V
Luxembourg C, F 230 V
Macau G 220 V
Macedonia C, F 230 V
Madagascar C, E 220 V
Madeira C, F 230 V
Malawi G 230 V
Malaysia G 240 V
Maldives C, D, G, J, K, L 230 V
Mali C, E 220 V
Malta G 230 V
Marshall Islands A, B 120 V
Martinique C, D, E 220 V
Mauritania C 220 V
Mauritius C, G 230 V
Mayotte C, E 230 V
Mexico A, B 127 V
Micronesia A, B 120 V
Moldova C, F 230 V
Monaco C, E, F 230 V
Mongolia C, E 230 V
Montenegro C, F 230 V
Montserrat A, B 230 V
Morocco C, E 220 V
Mozambique C, F, M 220 V
Namibia D, M 220 V
Nauru I 240 V
Nepal C, D, M 230 V
Netherlands C, F 230 V
New Caledonia C, F 220 V
New Zealand I 230 V
Nicaragua A 120 V
Niger C, D, E, F 220 V
Nigeria D, G 230 V
Niue I 230 V
Norfolk Island I 230 V
North Cyprus G 230 V
Northern Ireland G 230 V
North Korea C 220 V
Norway C, F 230 V
Oman G 240 V
Pakistan C, D 230 V
Palau A, B 120 V
Palestine C, H 230 V
Panama A, B 120 V
Papua New Guinea I 240 V
Paraguay C 220 V
Peru A, C 220 V
Philippines A, B, C 220 V
Pitcairn Islands I 230 V
Poland C, E 230 V
Portugal C, F 230 V
Puerto Rico A, B 120 V
Qatar G 240 V
Réunion C, E 230 V
Romania C, F 230 V
Russia C, F 220 V
Rwanda C, J 230 V
Saba A, B 110 V
Saint Barthélemy C, E 230 V
Saint Kitts and Nevis D, G 230 V
Saint Lucia G 230 V
Saint Martin C, E 220 V
Saint Helena G 230 V
Sint Eustatius A, B, C, F 110 V / 220 V
Sint Maarten A, B 110 V
Saint Vincent & Grenadines A, B, G 110 V / 230 V
Samoa I 230 V
San Marino C, F, L 230 V
São Tomé & Príncipe C, F 230 V
Saudi Arabia G 230 V
Scotland G 230 V
Senegal C, D, E, K 230 V
Serbia C, F 230 V
Seychelles G 240 V
Sierra Leone D, G 230 V
Singapore G 230 V
Slovakia C, E 230 V
Slovenia C, F 230 V
Solomon Islands G, I 230 V
Somalia C 220 V
Somaliland C 220 V
South Africa C, D, M, N 230 V
South Korea C, F 220 V
South Sudan C, D 230 V
Spain C, F 230 V
Sri Lanka D, G 230 V
Sudan C, D 230 V
Suriname A, B, C, F 127 V / 230 V
Swaziland M 230 V
Sweden C, F 230 V
Switzerland C, J 230 V
Syria C, E, L 220 V
Tahiti C, E 220 V
Taiwan A, B 110 V
Tajikistan C, F 220 V
Tanzania D, G 230 V
Thailand A, B, C, O 230 V
Togo C 220 V
Tokelau I 230 V
Tonga I 240 V
Trinidad & Tobago A, B 115 V
Tunisia C, E 230 V
Turkey C, F 230 V
Turkmenistan C, F 220 V
Turks & Caicos Islands A, B 120 V
Tuvalu I 230 V
Uganda G 240 V
Ukraine C, F 230 V
United Arab Emirates G 230 V
United Kingdom G 230 V
United States of America A, B 120 V
United States Virgin Islands A, B 110 V
Uruguay C, F, L 220 V
Uzbekistan C, F 220 V
Vanuatu I 230 V
Vatican City C, F, L 230 V
Venezuela A, B 120 V
Vietnam A, C, D 220 V
Virgin Islands, British A, B 110 V
Virgin Islands, United States A, B 110 V
Wales G 230 V
Yemen A, D, G 230 V
Zambia C, D, G 230 V
Zimbabwe D, G 240 V


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