5 simple post-workout smoothie recipes

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One of my favourite times to have a smoothie is post-workout.

If I’m consuming it as a “mini-meal”, I’ll most always try to incorporate a protein source within the concoction. Sometimes this may mean an organic/all-natural pea, rice or whey protein powder; other times I will use things like nuts, cottage cheese, or hemp hearts.

In celebration of my newest kitchen addition – my Omniblend blender – I’ve complied recipes for my five go-to smoothies for a healthy, satisfying, post-workout boost. Keep in mind that some of the smoothies, like the Coco Banana, are a bit higher in protein than others. If I have something like the Banana Berry, then I’ll usually add another protein source to my snack.

I’ve also included my favourite Green Mango smoothie, which actually does not have a main protein source, so I always add something alongside it. It’s just one of my favourite smoothies, and I couldn’t bear to leave it out – it’s perfect and refreshing after a light yoga workout or a walk (or even first thing in the morning). I’ll admit, I’m not big on many green smoothie/juice recipes out there, but this one is a winner in my books.

These are just a handful of my current favourites that have been part of my rotation as of late. Enjoy!

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