What a real post-caesarean section tummy looks like.

Never one to make things appear better than they are or filter out the hardships of parenting, Mel Watts of The Modern Mumma fame has shown what a real post-caesarean section body looks like on Instagram.

Sharing a composite image of her tummy four days after giving birth to son Sonny beside one at 30 weeks pregnant, Watts illustrated both the differences and similarities in a stomach before and after birth, encouraging her followers to embrace the body for what it can do, rather than what it looks like.

“Honestly it’s no castle or bloody piece of art. Sure it’s filled with stretch marks and dimples. But this body, this one the one I own gave me another life. Another small human to love and to hold,” she wrote on Instagram alongside the image.

“It held onto him for nine months and sheltered him, protected him and prepared him for the day he was born. So many times I’ve doubted my body, so many times I’ve pinched and pulled at sections that I didn’t like.

“In reality this body has done everything I’d ever want it to do. Sure it’s not magazine or swimsuit worthy to some. But to me and my husband, it’s the place that grew our babies. It’s the place that everything we love most started. And that’s all that counts right?!”


The mum-of-four went on to encourage other mums – and women – to understand “nobody has the same body” which is even more reason we need to “enjoy it”.

On Tuesday, Watts announced the birth of her fourth child on Instagram.

“Welcome to the world Sonny George Watts,” she wrote. “He came out screaming but is now all settled. We’re both doing well. Mumma’s on the hard stuff and recovering,” adding she is “absolutely in love”.

Congratulations, Watts family!