Four things you probably didn’t expect to happen to your post-baby vagina.

We promise it has a happy ending.

Think about it – or don’t – when you give birth you literally push a human head through your nether region. And no matter how big or macho a guy is, his penis is not going to challenge the size of a babies noggin.

So it’s no surprise that your vagina goes through some change after you’ve given birth.

Some changes you may expect, but some you probably won’t – we promise in the end it’s good news. So here are the four things you may not expect to happen down their, post-baby.

What does happen to the vajayjay...

1. It’s a desert down there.

A lot of our mums said that they were very dry down there after they had their babies. When asked about their post-baby vaginas they said there was dryness and that they went to the toilet more. One mum sad she was particularly dry when she was breastfeeding. You will probably stay dry until your hormone levels are back to normal.

2. You don’t have to worry about ‘that time of the month’ for a while.

A lot of mums won’t get their period after birth, especially while they’re breastfeeding. Our mums said that when they were breastfeeding their kids they didn't get their periods. One even said that she now gets annoyed when her periods come because she can't be bothered with it.

However another mum said her periods are now longer and heavier - so although you may not have anything when you're initially breastfeeding, your period may change when it does come back.

No more of this.

3. You’re sex life won’t be great in the beginning.

You may not be getting your period initially but that doesn't mean endless sex romps - sorry. The dryness and tenderness will be a slight issue in this department for a little while. Most women will have had stitches and so will require extreme gentleness down there while the region heals. You'll probably be a bit scared to put your vagina to use again too - wait until you're ready. (It's okay. You will be ready again).

4. It will go back to normal.

Even if you've had a third degree tear, or multiple kids and you're petrified it will never return to normal or be a functioning vajayjay again, just sit tight. It will happen. The sex will be amazing again. You won't be dry and tender forever - you may even be able to jump on a trampoline again (no leakage).

When you have a baby your body goes through a lot of changes, your hormones go a little haywire and your life flips upside down and inside out. Your lady crown jewel will change too - but ultimately you'll be able to use that baby making machine again. Just give it time.

What else did you notice about your post-baby nether region?

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