A nanny cam has captured terrifying footage of a possessed toddler.

A nanny cam video has captured a tantrum throwing toddler weirdly holding his balance on the side of his cot, and the internet world is gobsmacked, leading to the video going viral.

The precious, screaming baby Connor luckily fell back into his crib after his balancing act, so thankfully he will not be the latest victim to grace a FailArmy YouTube compilation.

The eerie aesthetic alongside the black and white grain of the film is an allusion to the blockbuster, yet low budget, Paranormal Activity horror films. Is this child possessed?! Did this all just a little weirder?!

Watch the full video here.

Keyboard warriors were quick to suggest the presence of something more sinister.

“Did anyone notice that ghost leaving his body just before he fell back ???” one user suggested.

PLOT TWIST! Video skeptics have thrown a spanner in the works suggesting that he is being held up.

“If you pay close attention when he’s standing upright he’s clearly reaching out for someone who’s holding him by his waist, which is frustrating him further,” one commenter shared. “Then there’s the whole frame skip when he falls… Suspicious to say the least.”

Well, young Connor the circus is calling. Get those tightrope skills on point and run away I say. Coz Mama ain’t coming.

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