Pinterest unveils the most popular wedding cake for 2017.

Gone are the days of multi-tiered, Marzipan cakes with bride-and-groom toppers.

It’s 2017, and weddings this year are all about minimalism, with rustic touches that look-homemade-but-totally-aren’t-because-who-has-time-for-that?

Enter: the drip cake.

Not quite naked, and not quite frosted, it’s the wedding cake of choice for 2017, according to Pinterest.

It’s both fancy and low maintenance, which is really the wedding double whammy.

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The online mood board revealed the trends you’ll be seeing at wedding ceremonies all year round, including taco bars (YES), DIY beer pouring stations and couple tattoos.

But the drip cake is the one to rule them all, because they are just so pretty.


Rustic elegance⚘????????

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Searches for drip cakes have increased by 437 per cent in the last year, and videos of the cakes being iced have been taking over social media feeds for months.

They are…truly mesmerising. Just try and look away, we dare you.

We’d like to offer our congratulations to the drip cake. It’s your time to shine.