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12 toys your kids will beg for this Christmas.

It’s mid-November already, Santa will be here very soon. Time to start thinking about Xmas presents for the kids…

Yes. It’s that time of the year again. Crazy, we know. School holidays begin in just over a month and your kids will start getting excited about Christmas soon. You know what that means…time to figure out what to buy for your children (or your neighbour’s daughter/son, or your nieces/nephews, or your kids’ friend).

If you’re stuck for ideas, fear not. The Toy Retailers Association has released their annual DreamToys list, guaranteed to make kids of any age squeal with joy.

Our advice? Start tracking these 12 items down fast. If they haven’t already disappeared from shelves that is…

SCROLL THROUGH the gallery for the top 12 toys dominating Santa wish lists this Christmas… 

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