Remember Bardot? This is where they are now...

Children of the ’90s, you’ll remember Bardot…

They were the first band to be put together by the reality TV show Popstars and in 2000 they were IT.

Some of the Mamamia team vividly remember lining up for an hour or two at our local Westfield shopping malls to meet the ladies of Bardot. Worth every minute.


Remember these lyrics from the song Poison?

“Don’t you treat me bad, don’t you make me sad, our love could be deep as the ocean.”

“If you can’t be true, I’ve got news for you, just remember I can be poison.”

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But, where are they all now? That’s the question we want to know. We’ve seen Sophie Monk – she’s definitely still around – but where are the rest of them?

Sophie Monk

Sophie Monk. Image via Instagram @sophiemonk.


The most famous of the group, Sophie Monk had a brief stint as a Hollywood actress with a role in Date Movie and Entourage. She was also engaged to Good Charlotte singer Benji Madden. Monk also hosted Today Network’s Weekend Breakfast and Breakfast radio shows. (An earlier version of this post said that Monk was the current host of the 2day Network’s Weekend Breakfast – but as Michael Beveridge has pointed out to us, he hosts that show with Jo Stanley. He also promises us that he has never appeared on the TV show, Popstars. He is, however, silent on whether he has posed nude for Playboy…. )

Tiffani Wood

Tiffani Wood. Image via Twitter @tiffaniwood.

Once Bardot broke-up, Tiffani tried to make it on her own as a solo artist but her career never quite took off. Since then she’s become a mum to daughter Lillian and is now a private vocal coach. (Where do we sign up??)

Katie Underwood

Katie Underwood. Image via LinkedIn.

Katie Underwood’s greatest success post-Bardot came when she was featured in Disco Montego’s Beautiful. Since then, she’s begun a career in musical theatre, started up a new jazz band and given birth to twins.

Belinda Chapple

Belinda Chapple. Image via Instagram @belindachapple.

Belinda also tried to launch a solo singing career but solo careers can be tough. She moved onto stage production and was creator and creative director of stage show, Sydney After Dark.

Sally Polihronas 

Sally Polihronas. Image via Instagram.

Sally has continued as a singer and songwriter but now releases her music independently via MySpace.

Chantelle Barry 

Chantelle Barry. Image via Instagram.


Chantelle was famously kicked out of the group in 2000 for allegedly stealing money. Since then she’s landed in LA and played a small part in the remake of 90210. According to her Twitter bio she’s also a jewelry designer and due to release a new single in days.

Let’s hope it’s as good as this gem….