We thought we'd put this trend behind us.


Who would have thought there would be a time where we’d look back at Lady Gaga’s pantsless ensembles and consider them modest?

But here we are.

It’s no longer enough for female celebrities to earn publicity by foregoing pants; the battle for attention has escalated.

It’s now perfectly acceptable to upload a photo of your naked butt to social media save for some flimsy string fabric holding together your dignity.

Was it not bad enough when people wore leggings as pants? Or when they stopped wearing pants altogether?

Did our eyes not suffer enough for fashion?

Clearly not. Because now? Now bum cheeks appear to be the new black.

You thought you’d removed g-strings from between your buttocks and left them back in the 90s didn’t you? Yes you did. But you didn’t.

Because they’ve rocketed back into popular culture faster than you can say anal floss.

Ke$ha made the world her proctologist this week when she uploaded a photo of her g-stringed bare bum on Instagram, Rihanna pole-danced and twerked in one and Miley Cyrus gave herself a Bald Frontal Wedgie for Terry Richardson (we made that term up but what else do you call it?)

In an article entitled Pop Stars Only Wear Thongs Now; Going Pantsless Is Not Enough,” one NY Mag writer argues that g-strings are actually dirtier than full nudity.

“By framing the ass cheeks and visually pointing to the few regions of the body still considered taboo, thong outfits announce naughtiness in a way that a natural state does not. The G-string forces us to acknowledge the grossest part of the butt, its interior,” writes O’Connor for New York magazine.

Like leotards before them, it’s unlikely that g-strings as outerwear will ever trickle down to the mainstream.

In August, lingerie brand Triumph reported that they hadn’t produced G-strings for the last three seasons due to a lack of customer demand citing the rise of seam-free underwear and shapewear.

Maybe they should reconsider?

G-strings, yes or no? 

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