'My top drawer is a lot less interesting now that I'm a mum.'



We’re moving house this week. My most hated task EVER. And when you add a 21 month old and 4 month old into the mix, moving just got that much more fun (note, sarcasm!).

Anyway, I’m in the process of packing and clearing out a whole heap of shit that we’ve accumulated. This morning I got to the top drawer of my bedside table. And I got to thinking how my poor old top drawer has become a whole lot less interesting since I became a mum…

  • Sex toys, what sex toys? All that remains is a dusty vibrator sans-batteries (they’re in the baby swing since we ran out a while ago, and I haven’t had the energy, time or care-factor to replace them).
  • Matching lingerie is hard to find. These days it’s maternity bras and granny pants leftover from my post partum days. Actually, yes said pants are ‘leftover’ but if I’m completely honest they’re still worn. Loads. They’re just comfy and hide more jiggly bum bits.
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  • Candles. Well, for one, they’re a fire hazard and just like everything adult in my life have suddenly been banished as a safety concern for our toddler. And buying candles is low on my shopping list these days, nappies take precedence!
  • Various oil-based products (let’s just leave it at that...) have made way for Sudocream and organic baby moisturiser.
  • Books. I used to LOVE reading books. These days, time to myself involves getting time to shave my legs OR wash my hair (it’s a tough choice!). A blow dry if I’m REALLY lucky. Time to read a book is NON EXISTENT.
  • Spare batteries and lipstick - they used to be there because you just never know when you’re going to run out. Sadly, I now couldn’t tell you the last time I wore proper lipstick. And see above re batteries, oh how times have changed!
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  • Diaries that house my innermost thoughts are long gone. Now, my innermost thoughts at the end of each full on day with two kids under two are singular - “WINE. Where’s the WINE?”
  • Jewellery. The pretty stuff can’t really be worn these days with a grabby toddler and new baby. It’s teething jewellery sometimes (if I remember, if not Sophie la Giraffe all the way) and maybe my wedding and engagement rings and toddler-friendly studs for my ears on special outings or weekends.
  • Lollies. Yep, I used to hide lollies from my flatmates, in my top drawer in my room. Nowadays, they've made way for dummies and comforters. On that note, back to trying to get my almost two year old off the dummy....argggghhhh.
Siobhan's two children.

How has your top drawer changed since becoming a parent?