3 ponytail upgrades to try now

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Fishtail braids and complicated upstyles are excellent for special occasions (and if you’re dexterous) but I don’t think we’re alone in saying that when we want to get the hair out of our faces our go-tos are topknots and ponytails.

The reason? We can do them with our eyes closed.

But if you want to look a little more polished and make it seem like you’ve put effort in when you really haven’t, read on for three easy ponytail upgrades to try now.

This is an extract from Hair Romance by Christina Butcher (Murdoch Books), $24.99. These are only three of the 82 fabulous hairstyle how-tos in the book, if you loved these, we suggest you buy the book here.


What's your favourite way to wear a ponytail?