Baking level: expert. But don't let that put you off.

The most amazing polka dot sprinkles cakes ever.

I’m not one for watching cake making YouTube clips. Baking to me is burning toast. But when I stumbled on this YouTube video, I watched. And watched. For the entire beautiful eight minutes.

I can’t even describe how amazing this cake is from My Cupcake Addiction.

So I won’t. I will just show you.

First you need a lot of tools. This is a complicated cake people. (And if you need some more awesome cakes to make, try this Reese’s Pieces cake by clicking here.)

Then you mix your first cake batter together, to make the little polka dot balls on the inside of the cake.

And then you spoon out the mixture and colour them before spooning them into the cake pop tin.

Once you've taken them out and tidied them up, they should look like this. (If you love colourful cakes, you'll love these Rainbow cakes, click here.)

Then you place the balls into a lined cake tin and scoop some vanilla cake batter on top. You do this three times for three layers. And bake.

They'll come out looking all lumpy, you need to tidy them up so they are the same size and flat on top and bottom.

They should look like this.


When they are stacked, they are exactly the same.

Now, you place the first on a cake plate and start icing in between the layers.

And on the outside and top. Make sure to smooth it all around so there are no lumps and chuck it in the freezer to set.

Then get the sprinkles ready. Apply some for icing on the sides and another cake plate on the top of the cake.

And roll the sides in the sprinkles.

Then put some more icing on the top and apply the sprinkles.

Place some ribbon and it should look like this.

For the full video and the ingredient list, make sure to check out My Cupcake Addiction. And look, we admit, this cake is on expert level. So don't worry if it ends up looking like this:

So to make you feel better, grab the glass of wine and click through this gallery of cake fails we found on Pinterest. (And if you burn toast, click here for the easiest cake in the world.)

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